Hiking Trails in Europe as Worthy of World Heritage Status as the Lake District

Earlier in the year, in June, the Lake District in Cumbria was named a UNESCO World Heritage site, which was not a surprise at all, considering the district’s unique attractions, particularly its fantastic hiking trail. To be fair, the Lake District in Cumbria is way more than simply a picturesque hiking trail. Its natural beauty is breath taking, with its dramatic mountains, valleys, and lakes. Many authors, artists, and poets have been inspired enough by the Lake District to idolise some of its most enchanting features in their work.

In the midst of all that beauty is a superb opportunity for hikers and walkers as there are many walks to choose from. However, the Lake District is not the only region on the continent with fantastic opportunities for hiking and walking. Here are a few other trails you must try.

Hiking Trails in Europe as Worthy of World Heritage Status as the Lake District Photo Gallery

West Highland Way in Scotland

The 96-mile long West Highland Way in Scotland starts in Milngavie which is only about half an hour from Glasgow Airport. From there, the trail goes through the highlands heading north to Fort William. You will trek through ancient footpaths, getting a chance to see some of the country’s most stunning scenery, including the Devil’s Staircase, swamps of Rannoch Moor, and the pastoral Loch Lomond. When you reach the end of the hike in Fort William, the Hogwarts Express Train from the Harry Potter films will be there waiting.

Tour du Mont Blanc

The 110-mile Tour du Mont Blanc lets you get the most amazing views of the Mont Blanc massif. The trail circumnavigates the 15,781-foot massif and lets you cross through Italy, Switzerland, and France. Whether you’re up for a guided tour or a self-tour, you can trust reliable tour organisers like Salamander Adventures and tourdumontblanc.holiday to deliver a superb experience. The circular walk is typically walked in an anti-clockwise direction. You can expect to complete it in ten or eleven days, but if you’d rather not walk that long, there are shorter walks available.

Alta Via 1 (Dolomite High Route

At 93 miles long, the Alta Via 1 weaves through the dramatic Dolomites mountain range. This one is a rugged trail that will lead you through craggy 10,000-foot peaks, expansive meadows, glorious alpine lakes, towering limestone cliffs, and high-altitude World War 1 battlefields. Alta Via 1 is even more fantastic because it is lined with rifugios or huts, where you can find a clean bed and home cooked meals.

Camino de Santiago

The Way of St James or Camino de Santiago is actually already a World Heritage Site, gaining the title in 1993. It starts at different points all over Europe, with every trail culminating in Santiago de Compostela. The series of pilgrimages make for 780 kilometres of walking, but there is the option to walk the shorter distance from Sarria to Santiago, which is 111 kilometres.

There is no beating the Lake District, but these trails are definitely a must-see for those who haven’t had the opportunity to trek them yet.

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