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Hobart is full of it – art making, that is. And while there’s no denying a certain private art museum in town has made quite an impact, there’s plenty more art to explore in Tasmania’s capital of culture. It seems every second person you meet here is an artist of some kind, and some of the best display their work at Contemporary Art Spaces Tasmania (CAST). Exhibiting art by local, interstate and overseas artists and curators, CAST is all about new ideas and experimentation, baby.

Through its regular exhibitions you’ll discover a dynamic, genre-bending mix of high art, popular culture and everything in between. From crafty floor installations to low-tech video-art projections, exhibits might sit on the wall or live on the floor – or you might not even see them at all. CAST throws a mean opening party too, where you can pop a cheese cube and feast your senses.

But this is more than just another exhibition space for us culture vultures to consume: CAST also plays a major role in Tassie’s creative community by providing local artists with studio spaces, mentorships and more. You’re invited to talk about art at one of its regular discussion nights, and there are opportunities to learn about contemporary art practice too. So come on down and see the world through the eyes of some truly fascinating art-makers. You’ll soon realise there’s plenty more cuttingedge art to be discovered beyond the walls of MONA.

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