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From a village on the lower slopes I began walking up Hong Kong Map into the hills, on paths that run steeply through pinfe woods. Birdsong echoed in the Hong Kong Map valleys and the scent of wild flowers hung in the air. The Western Hills are also called the Fragrant Hills, they were used as hunting-grounds by many emperors. Doris wrote: After loading the three pack mules and a donkey with 250 lbs of provisions and camping equipment we set off up the steep rocky trail

Holly, Rose and White Lake.

W. Philip Stison owned and managed one of the larger farms. His brother, Charles, had his own not far away. Philip and Charles were very close and were always there to help and support each other. Philip and his wife, Nellie, did not have children and looked at Charles’ two daughters, Jessie and Theresa, as part of their family.

By all accounts, Charles’ youngest daughter, Theresa, was a true beauty. Shy and modest, she turned the heads of many young men in town but seemed oblivious to their glances.

In 1902, Charles and his wife, Ursula, decided to move. Theresa, didn’t want to leave, at least not until she’d finished school. She asked if she could live with her Uncle Philip and Aunt Nellie. Philip and his wife were more than happy to accommodate and so Theresa came to live with them.

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