Hotel Los Alpes – Villa Morra

Hotel Los Alpes – Villa Morra Located on a cobblestone street in the residential Villa Morra neighborhood, this hotel is within walking distance of Shopping Mariscal Lopez and a very short cab ride from the ritzy Carmelitas bars and restaurants. The hotel has the feel of a large house with spacious rooms, a comfy lounge, and a medium sized, curvy pool. The breakfast buffet is good as well. Though they are not air conditioned, the dorm rooms (known by Peace Corps Volunteers as “the attic”) are a good bargain for this neck of the woods. Free airport pickup is another perk that sweetens the deal. Tel.: 021 606 286, 021 609 705, Del Maestro 1686 almost at the corner of San Martin (one block past 4D),, Single Gs.

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220.000, Double Gs. 270,000, Attic Gs. 75,000, Wi-Fi computers, TV, A/C, mini-fridge and a gym

Hotel Suisse Funky life-sized cutouts of Swiss people welcome you to this cute home turned into a family run hotel. Tucked away in residential Villa Morra it is within walking distance of

all the area’s attractions. Claude, the owner is very hospitable and can help arrange all sorts of trips. He also owns another hotel, Casa Suiza, just up the street (Senador Long 389 almost Del Maestro) but Maison Suisse is nicer. Tel: 021 600 003, Malutin 482 between Del Maestro and Bertoni,, Single Gs.220,000, Double Gs. 280,000, Wi-Fi, computers, TV, A/C, and a pool

Cool Refuge

On a hot Asuncion day, even the most stringent anti-capitalist backpackers may find themselves drawn to one of Asuncion’s shopping malls and with good reason. The malls offer tourists a large, air conditioned space to eat, drink, and get some respite from the glaring sun. Serving fresh cooked pastas, juicy steaks, tropical juices, and cold beers, food court offerings are good and inexpensive. In addition, the food courts are often the setting for cultural events such as art and photography exhibits or musical acts. Those looking to kill a few hours can always head to an inexpensive movie at either Shopping del Sol or Shopping Villa Morra – tickets are less than US $6 and even less for matinees and Wednesday showings (see Going to the Movies).

Shopping Mariscal Lopez Tel: 021 611 272, Corner of Quesada and Malutin, www. mariscallopez.

Shopping Del Sol Tel: 021 611 780, Corner of Avenida Aviadores del Chaco and Profesor Delia Gonzalez,

Shopping Villa Morra Tel: 021 605 795, Corner of Mariscal Lopez and Malutin, www. villamorra.

Mall Excelsior Tel: 021 443-015, Corner of Chile and Manduvira (this is the only mall downtown), www.mallexcelsior. com

Carmelitas/Shopping del Sol

Hotel Los Alpes – Santa Teresa This branch of Los Alpes offers the same homey feel as its Villa Morra counterpart. There are plants everywhere and the larger grounds have two pools for those hot summer days. Though there are no dorm-style rooms, there are apartments for longterm guests. Free pickup from the airport. Tel: 021 607 348 665 345 606 645, Avenida. Santa Teresa 2855 between Coronel Cabrera and Dr. B. Caballero,, Single Gs. 220,000, Double Gs. 270,000, Wi-Fi, computers, TV, A/C, mini-fridge, gym, and pools

Hotel Le Pelican Another small hotel option two blocks from Shopping del Sol in one of the city’s most exclusive neighborhoods. Early risers can stroll down the Santa Teresa walking path lined with mansions and the occasional fruit or clothing vendor. Doubles, triples and quadruples available. Most have balconies overlooking neighboring houses and palm trees. Out back, there is a small courtyard. Free transfer to the airport between 7am-8pm. Tel: 021 625855/7, Corner of Avenida Santa Teresa and Gumercindo Sosa,, Single Gs. 210,000, Double Gs. 260,000, Triple Gs. 310,000, Wi-Fi, computers, TV, A/C, and mini-fridge

El Rinconcito A set of three houses which can be rented in full or by the room, El Rinconcito is ideal for long-term visitors looking to have a personalized experience. Each house is fully furnished and equipped with all the amenities as well as a pool. Owner, Celeste, is well connected and able to organize day trips through Asuncion and surrounding areas. She can also help coordinate trips in the rest of the country. Tel: 0981-40 23 46, Espiritu Aranda 2810 and Congreso de Colombia,, Single US$50, Double US$60, Wi-Fi, TV, A/C and a pool

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