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A friend has come to visit overnight looks like he’s gonna stay for a while nice Hey Stevie own friend this friend just eating my granola bar. Because we don’t have any food in there then I wait to make oatmeal, and then we saw that we rare that a bill cuz there’s only like how many days two days left in San Francisco. So we’re kind of very low on food we have lots of sugar we could have these are our new the only things we have sugar coffee elseis more sugar that’s all we got well, I’m sure that was loud what are we doing tonight semen it’s still morning.

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So say Hey we have been actually doing some work this morning getting it I work much better when I first wake up in the morning for some reason. But I really crave um like a choice of sandwich oh it’s really rainy hopefully please stop tomorrow mr. myson last I know I want to go on the damn red bus did you google that today, and find out what kind of get onto that red bus well just quickly I bet you they’re sick of hearing the word Korean taco I like reading yesterday’s post, and a pretty sure Stephen said Korean talker like five times, and he never even got his crane taco alright. So we just shout up just is just about ready to go, I’m ready already lady she’s now like this apartment is good. But the one bad thing is the damn shower now that is the worst now, I’m not usually person of wastewater except when it comes to showers I feel like it’s wonderful no anything for the day. But when we came here, and switched on the shower they said that the water pressure in San Francisco is really low I don’t believe this place she said that’s what she said. Because like the sink this is a good way of water pressure.

But then you come into the like this shower it’s less than a spring class, and yeah usually I’d like to you know have my shower, and then at the end of the night it’s kind of like my little treat. So, I’m editing the post like yes not too long, and then I get to have like a nice warm shower not here anyway that’s my rightful day I until I rinse my hair in the sink. Because of the shampoo conditioner wouldn’t come out. So another thing before we head up is today just wrote up a little blog post celebrating our first six months of flying the nest it’s our little blog over Surrey. Because we launched it September 13th 2018 yes yeah yesterday was our anniversary. So which is kind of cool, and you know if it wasn’t for the post with a blog we wouldn’t be here. So yeah we’d hope you guys can go check it out that’s it on the line, and we just find us to celebrate some of our achievements we do think it’s great if you do achieve something is to go out there, and celebrate it certainly don’t believe in you know shutting up, and not you know getting out there sure.

Because I think if you work hard on something you should go, and tell everyone, and you know celebrate it’s not being cocky or you know over-the-top it’s you know it’s telling people what you’ve achieved, and I think it’s certainly good, and we put it online. So we hope like you guys will check it out you know you get some little tips on some numbers to see how we’re going along, and of course we wouldn’t have had any of these, and it wasn’t being you guys. So big thanks for you guys give yourself a big thumbs up we’re internet this popping any getting some milk. Because we were having a look at like you know the little mill deli section it was like eight dollars or eight dollars a meal. So I may as well just go to a cafe, and share a meal that’s bigger chamber, and then we don’t have to buy all these ingredients. Because we’re going a couple of days anyway. So what’s point in buying like a roll lettuce, and then chucking it out the next day.

So we’re gonna go, and find a little cafe we look quite close to a park, and we saw a little cafe there. So we might go check that puffing out. But cute San Franciscans really love their parks that’d be one full Park eat your potato yeah we ordered fries, and this is what fries off we still taste birthday we can never get french. So we’re just here to place a blue peak just near our run the corner from our place bridge we finally found a better spot that we can see the bridge from, and Steven is getting full ready photography oh yeah you be taking photos sorry finally you guys can see less cars exhaust my Golden Gate Bridge he’s this. So fancy this is the free. So fancy, and then this usually lasts for about an hour while i annoy jerk, and that’s pretty much how it goes down state one hour indeed what a relation, I’m like oh yeah he promised me that we could go out, and have a hot drink laughter this stuff if I declined wait time to go to a new location finally caught up to him okay guys I think with this is the closest we’re gonna get you to the Golden Gate Bridge, and she’s so amazing we’re like it’s such an American icon, and we’re just here we’re just here enjoying it it’s so beautiful, I’ll show you editor who Hooper is. But I found his hands Cooper Cooper had big hands Stephen do you have a little fangirl moment fangirl moment they were working.

So yeah I think there’s some like people that Stephen watches not too busy they’re like a full-on production team that’s what we have right now behind us is the guy for BMI yeah three cameras that’s why we we like digitally add the shaking of coming up a iconic pitch one three hours almost it’s a good salesman ah great we are home, and I just had a shower and, I’m making some dinner I can’t wait statement. So we get like an actual kitchen guys like I make lasagna into the microwave feels good. But nothing beats like some art night folks pumpkin soup the next place we’re staying at is an actual house like we’re gonna have a pitcher in it, and a living room, and a kitchen. So I definitely think, I’m gonna bake something that’s I feel like I, I’m just like cooking like a proper meal. So we’re gonna do that, I’m excited, I’m so excited I can put in the book here. So you know do not go to bed move dr. Phil’s house give us a thumbs up please, and last night’s hell.

So means last day last day in San Francisco then we’re going through Seattle that’s what I meant right. So we’ll see you got to bro.

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