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The holiday to egypt is foremost a once-in-a-lifetime experience cairo, and the pyramids the temples of Luxor, and Carnac the valley of the kings, and queens, and spectacular Alison there is. So much to see, and absorb, and a cruise on the Magnificent River Nile provides the effortless way to Seattle these days there are many choices of vessel from smaller more traditional River cruisers to luxury floating palaces run by prestigious hotel groups, and now Egypt specialists bales have added another option into the mix with their exclusive fleet of three beautifully restored daha beers the stylish choice of Nile transport for th century aristocrats these elegantly crafted wooden ships carrying a maximum of just passengers have been carefully, and thoughtfully refurbished to provide a flavor of the past but with all the comforts, and conveniences st century travelers expect.

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We’ve been denying ourselves a cruise on the now for a long long time. Because it’s. So strongly associated with the big cruise boats where they have their advantages with the swimming pools, and there evening entertainment, and some people that’s great but.

I didn’t want that. I wanted to be closer to the history of the place, and closer to the young to the river itself and So you’re able to visit the all the beautiful parts of the now but in a calm, and relaxed way, and in a way that you can manage yourself. I was the holiday away from driving planning the route.

I wanted to be relaxing. I want to buy it and I say not a large vessel. So do that that saps this has been absolutely spot on each of the three De Beers has six ensuite cabins for with two single beds, and two with double beds the cabins very well fitted out we look to the at the brochure with its nostalgic theme left us wonder well. How well fitted out will they be but.

I think they’re great the showers toilet facilities very good air conditioning works very effectively the lounge area covers the whip boten provides a comfortable indoor retreat for reading, and relaxing up on deck there’s a large partly shaded seating area where you can sunbathe, and enjoy the passing views below that there’s another covered deck area where me also take the food’s been quite simple quite straightforward quite a good variety but first. We’ve got chicken we buy beef plenty of fresh salads. I think probably one of the things that you makes you feel a bit more like royalty to every time you come back from a trip come on board, and you’re welcomed with a fresh towel, and a fruit drink just these little touches they just glad to the difference between going on a trip like this, and going on a hike normal trip another advantage of the De Beers is the ability to explore, and more up on parts of the Nile inaccessible to the larger vessels on several evenings during the cruise barbecues are served on the riverbank a really magical setting for an evening under the stars direct access to the riverbank or small piers also speeds up the whole process of going ashore within minutes of arrival passengers can disembark, and set off with the guide to explore every day the interest builds you see something even more spectators of the even more birthday something even more thought-provoking, and if you’ve got a really good guide then it comes it comes to life sightseeing of course is the key to any now crews, and on this trip as well as the daily included excursions there are opportunities to see things from different perspectives a visit to luxor temple by night for example or the option to take a spectacular early morning balloon flight the Derby experience is a unique, and alternative way to cruise the Nile, and one which certainly lives up to expectations the level of service the standard of accommodations been absolutely first-rate this company it really does look after their guess.

I wouldn’t change anything the people the food the places. We’ve been in the time to spend her places, and as the boat itself has been fantastic the people on the boat me that’s. So much fun and So.

We’ve had a great time on the boat together, and the service that you’ve received on the boat just being made to feel. So special it has just been really perfect you.

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