Iceberg Lake

As we started our hike to Iceberg Lake, I asked Becky her plan for her dress. She was insistent that it was her wedding day, and she would wear it all day even while hiking 5 miles into the backcountry. And she did, ballet fl ats and all.

It was steep at first, then fl at the rest of the way: The path winds into thick forests and around the hillsides through meadows with vast mountain views. We turned the corner, and there was the lake with the rock wall standing behind it. You could already feel the cold air of the ice.

They walked down hand in hand, their eyes glimmering. Chris stepped into the freezing water fi rst and reached out for an iceberg, pulling it as close as he could to shore for Becky to step on. She pulled up her dress, took a few steps in the ice water, grabbed Chris’ hand and stepped on.

They balanced themselves and embraced on the ice. The sun brought warmth, and they giggled with excitement that they climbed an iceberg on their wedding day.

Iceberg Lake Photo Gallery

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