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TIME and DATES. The continental U.S.A. has a total of four time zones; New York City is on Eastern Standard Time. In summer (between April and October) Daylight Savings Time is adopted and clocks move ahead one hour. If your region does likewise, the differences w’ill remain the same year round. The following chart shows the time in various cities in winter when it’s noon in New York City:

Los Angeles New York London Sydney

9 a.m. Sunday noon Sunday 5 p.m. Sunday 3 a.m. Monday

To get the exact time in New York, call 936-1616.
Dates in the U.S.A. are written differently from those in Great Britain: for example, 1/6/79 means January 6. 1979.

TIPPING. Service is never included in restaurant bills. The usual tip is 15 per cent (an easy way to work it out is to double the 8 per cent tax marked on your bill). Taxi drivers and hairdressers also expect a 15 per cent tip. At your hotel you should give S 1 to the porter who carries your bags, and $3 to S5 per week to the chambermaid.

TOILETS. You can find toilets in restaurants, museums, railway stations and large stores. In some places you must deposit a dime, in others you should leave 10 to 25 cents tip for the attendant.

Americans use the terms restroom, powder rooiji, bathroom and ladies’ or men’s room to indicate the toilet.

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