Iguassu Falls Trip

With a few extra days what can be experienced in all this raw natural beauty to learn about different cultures. How people in other lands live their life perhaps a wilderness trek through the semi tropical rainforests of iguazu National Park the discoveries for today are many the what the waterfall is a really a brief taking a scenario or a panoramic view from the Brazilian side of the falls, and a visit to the argentinian side to witness up-close the devils today we are going to explore the argentinian side of it was a fall. So we’re gonna be in the iguazu national park visitors are greeted by coatis the friendly animals that reside in the park coati what we don’t have an english word for these animals.

Iguassu Falls Trip Photo Gallery

So watch it my hope for today is to see the lovely beautiful orchids the unusual plants that. I’ve never seen before this subtropic area is going to bring. I think a lot of new experiences apart from its unusual floral the park hosts numerous rare, and threatened animal species such as the Jacare caiman, and the wild Oh se Lotte good tactician in that tree.

I’ve seen birds this morning. I’ve got four birds that. I’ve never seen before that I’ll put on my life list a short train ride through the jungle leads travelers to discover a place that’s been described as one of the new seven wonders of nature when First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt saw Iguazu she is said to have cried poor Niagara she was right this waterfall is twice as wide, and feet higher than Niagara Falls now steep on the view comparing with other waterfalls in the world is completely unique completely amazing, and that is why people from all over the world when translated from the native Guarani language the name big wasa means large very beautiful, and very calming about half the rivers flow falls into a long, and narrow chasm called The Devil’s mist rises to well over feet a full panoramic view of iguazú can be seen from Brazil across the border, and on the other side of the falls at the base of the falls the water becomes the rapids of the Iguazu River Canyon you.

I love the idea of going off the beaten path discover Argentina’s breathtaking natural wonders, and pulsating city life one of South America’s unforgettable locations.

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