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An exploration of a history, and culture as rich as India’s will change all visit. I take pictures, and the Taj is at pictures that. I’ve always wanted to take Varanasi.

I think really understand India one visit very nice visiting the school. I actually found myself as a standing in one of the classrooms now my emotions coming in tears. Because they were.

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So proud of their small school in fact the children came on a holiday to greet us, and to sing for us, and they were elated to be there as were we here in the world’s largest democracy each discovery yields a new flavor most originating thousands of years ago. We’ve been using disposable clay cups for yeah. How that is in India, it’s been filled with wonderful moments. So much color, and sound, and smells our first is just almost overwhelming something you do every day we’re in New York City.

I’m busy. This is much different when you’re walking in the street then when you’re riding in a bus one of the most ancient cities in the world Varanasi has million two hundred thousand people, and well less than half of these are girls or women does anybody know what this Mack is gone oh yeah yeah. I love the way they cook over the fire will you be able to find your return of a background of the heart of India trip, it’s colorful our beautiful Lebanon color everywhere always oranges family unbelievable this your own bathroom yeah many people come here with the belief that the cremation happened on the water moon everybody thinks Ganges, and Varanasi are holy the sacred Ganges River here is the center of religious life a variety of ritual sites called Goths can be best seen, and felt from a boat coming to Varanasi.

Because this was the high point for me of the trip you know. I’m going to light your lamps thank you we’re gonna make a prayer whatever bear or wish, and floor the lamps the Ganges River is thought to carry each prayer or wish hundreds of miles from here to the ocean, and then on to the far corners of the world it makes here the bodies burn not the morning Hindus believe souls are released when cremated at the Harish Chandra ghat at the instant the skull pumps all this Bleacher journey for you spiritual journey you know what last night was really emotional and I didn’t expect it to be but. I said early had tears running down my face.

I could see that. I could see that in my camera may. I know.

I’m sorry but now. I know why why why there were tears in your eyes. I don’t attempt it it was.

I know I’ll start again. I think just the whole look of it it just was kind of magical it couldn’t had a glow about you’re experiencing it with every morning Hindu pilgrims gather on the shores of the Ganges to bathe, and pray these waters are believed to wash away sins to heal the sick, and to allow progression along a wheel of rebirth they don’t think you come here Hajus like tourists take pictures they think you come here for a spiritual experience two people sitting, and they shout the baby loud noises was good for the lunch part of yoga loving yoga or or laugh some people just laugh, it’s one of the best ways to clean your lungs bigger more powerful yeah you want that costs about $ creamy he says sooner people spend of that that pattern contains rice flour, and lentil flour which is useful being kind of pancakes all dosa, and almonds, and a black pepper Hinduism actually did not have the concept of charity it is imported from Christianity we did not believe in charity of this kind but now some people have started doing charity off ok goodbye little but. I can taste a little sweet going through.

I am having my hand handed which is an Indian tradition but. I’ve seen it done and I think, it’s very beautiful. I just thought I’d like to have it beautiful the way she dresses the saree is a piece of Indian clothing that dates back over years the singular strip of cloth can be worn more than different ways anyway.

I can look like you. How are you feeling after this fantastic India is a feast for the senses a subcontinent with several hundred languages, and the birthplace of four major world religions where can this country’s heartbeat be most intensely felt. I found it beautiful mysterious inspirational dramatic colourful until you come, and experiences you have no idea what India’s really lie just being here smelling it seeing it it was just a whole experience. I’m CJ Kumar Lyle coming from India.

I’ve been attributed for years of my life to be born in a Brahmin family. I was raised with the the great pride, and proud built within me by my elders but at the same time. I, it’s a huge controversial thing for me as well.

So then. I go to these villages. I always say.

I am su Jai Kumar Lal, and never tell my last name. Because that’s going to tell them Brahmins. I don’t know whether.

I’m talking to a person from a different caste or different religion. So in a remote part of India. I don’t want to start my conversation on a wrong note.

So that because. I want to make friends with them. I want to use my connection.

So it plays a very very important role in in the remote parts of India in my country we always hold our hands together, and greet the travelers in the masterji that means that. I am combining all my energies together keeping them close to my heart. So that’s like heart to heart, and soul to soul welcome to you all every Hindu born on earth once in their lifetime wants to go to Varanasi, and pray in the temple of god Shiva every evening irrelevant of what the weather is they perform a ceremony called Aarti a a RTI where seven priests standing the beautiful salmon umbrellas, and they’re not only giving thanks to mother Ganges for bringing life to to Varanasi, and wash sins of people every day they’re also putting ganges to sleep that mother you have done enough work for the whole day now, it’s time for you to take some rest nothing goes into the river after that.

So mother actually sleeps also Varanasi is the only place where we have the holiest cremation ground called Monica Rika those travelers coming for this particular trip they get to see the Commission’s from very close, it’s a distance, and they learn about it, and it is a very powerful, and overwhelming kind of an experience for the travelers to see this happening open and So close please come with an open mind to my country, and you will enjoy to the most and I once again say namaste G and I welcome you all to India.

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