Hey everybody what are you guys doing some learning plan today yeah sunny is all. Because it’s sunny outside it’s such good weather it’s amazing out there it’s blue skies, and we’re going to the Coliseum it’s mostly fun yeah it was all right guys we got a map bar, and we’ve served. But a lot of things for the sphere which is way too many things the first stop has to be the Colosseum is not a kilometer away, I’m very excited, and it looks like there’s an area around the Coliseum where there’s some ancient buildings as well. So we’re gonna go check that out we might go check out how much it is to go inside the Coliseum. Because we haven’t organized anything for that. So see how much it is no you ask around see how long the wait is.


Because I feel like that’s one of those things that it might be reasonable maybe like 8 euros. But then you’ll be lining up hours. So I don’t know it’s offseason it’s almost Kruger almost December. So hopefully there’s not too many tourists, and then I’ve said I want to walk up, and see the Trevi Fountain we have to throw a coin yes we do Steven you’re in the way oh my gosh were really close to it wouldn’t even realize how close. So we just turn down the verandah below is that it this is Sark oh I think this is like the oldest thing we’ve ever seen thanks dieting sorry noisy Street my children Festivus just like in the movies like it’s amazing I get all my own firm information from the lizard winery it’s a really good movie I recommend if you haven’t seen it anyway let’s go see the original Hunger Games is how cool it is so cool we’re gonna go find a good photo spot we found our first room than such bad timing look at all this construction we’re gonna go check it on the other side, and hopefully it’s not. So bad we’re staying imagine if we had to dumb take our suitcases along this road this is Sorocaba straining this isn’t even cobblestone this is just gigantic stone I wonder if this was the original kind of roads they go no we’re very bumpy road seems to be some sort of protest going on camera crew they’re posting from up here why is it always construction on a full build I know there’s the old side of the Colosseum, and then it goes into the newer part where I think they’ve had to rebuild it that’s quite interesting seeing a Jew Jew chalky break in from the Coliseum Thanks we need a loop of the entire Coliseum, and such bad timing for us there is not only construction on that side cuts of the construction on the back of it as well.

So this side here is pretty much the only spot we can get like an actual photo of all right guys we found the line to get in the hopefully it is a too long over wait it’s some 12 euros to enter a few interested, and I think this is over the time, I’m not sure if it’s open at night, and um I guess the line doesn’t actually look that bad yeah 45, I’m not too bad alrighty guys it’s been about half an hour, and we just got our tickets, and we are about to enter yeah all right guys we’re climbing the steps to level 2 of the Colosseum which probably were in the Colosseum oh my gosh she’s like birth living in that little hole oh wow brighter than the skies hold on just let us escape with whatever I seen like posts, and photos at the Coliseum I thought you could literally just walk in, and then you just stay in this one square bit I didn’t realize he could walk around like the whole side which is really beautiful.

So we pretty much on like the second level I think, and then we’re gonna go down the level, and see how how far we can go, I’m not you’re sure when going to the dungeons with our make sure to get those we’ve made it to the bottom floor, and you really get a sense of how big this Coliseum is when you look up, and you just see everything like towering over you you can’t even imagine if you were in the center they’re fighting, and there’s everyone reading you, and just chanting about that it’s really cool he just I think this might be the oldest building we’ve ever been in yeah which we still don’t know how old it is yet they really give us any information as you can see the floor has given in here. So I assume they used to walk on top of here, and you know they used to do water sports sometimes they used to flood this as well as through the differently yeah doing the different gladiators sometimes they flutter amazing the history on this yeah. But if you can see down there it’s the floors caved in, and only found this out like a few years ago I thought you could just walk on yeah. But they’ve made some sort of platform over there in the renovations it’s very cool I think we’re going to head back, and rug up. Because even though we’ve got all sunny outside there’s wind has come in, and it is so oh my gosh this is amazing guys we just went back up to the room to go, and quickly grab some lunch, and stuff, and we’re sitting on the bed others noticed thousands, and thousands of birds going past our window we look outside they’re like doing that what’s I think or I don’t know really like got migrate.

But when they walk they do say they make like it looks like like a big storm, and they make high cool patterns, and stuff in the air, and there was a beautiful sunset out there. So his son. So he is sitting really early be only quickly running out while there is still Sun, and checking out the trevi fountain hopefully will look nice during sunset. But I could not get over these birds that was amazing those bowels I’ve never seen. So many birds before like this is cool, I’m heading back out with these two, and we are all rubbed up, and ready let’s go there are seriously buds everywhere oh my gosh this is so cool oh my gosh that’s Thomas day is beautiful we were hoping to see the fountain at sunset. But we literally just walked through a underground like passage, and the Sun is set.

So hopefully it’s nice, and lit up, I’m sure it’ll look good at night. But I think pretty beautiful to litter many people look at this tourist attraction we’ve answer yet insane luckily tourists don’t get in the way of the pounces yeah whatever lady water between er I do like how they light it up at nighttime clears phone ran out of battery. So this is them figuring out the old-school way as we walking we found the pantheon I feel like we’re in Greece now, and I found something I really want to try on. But, I’m not too sure if the guide the front is gonna let us. But I really wanted to put a Roman helmet on her head we got a nerve we tried not possible it’s the pantheon. So we’re just inside the pantheon, and it is overwhelming it is so big I can’t even think how the architects designed this roof to stay up, and still be up here in 2018 hell’s a big day of exploring Rome the yeah we’re off to a brand-new country tomorrow yeah we just go into the Vatican City tomorrow it’s kind of cool there’s just another country here in the middle of Rome it’s another country yes Vatican City is this country yes I don’t know what why I’ve got to look into that the Colosseum is yeah we do.

But yes we’re going into the Sistine Chapel tomorrow we’re gonna walk around Vatican City I think there’s a bustle Iker. So they say yeah thank st. Paul’s st. Paul’s Basilica or something like that. But yeah should be good day tomorrow, and we’ll show you bit more Rome thanks for reading guys bye.

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