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Nowadays the entrance is through the Flood Gate. Once past Shanghai Subway Map that, it took me half an hour to find the arched main gate, the Gate Shanghai Subway Map of Enlightenment, topped by a temple with red pillars. The thick metal doors beneath the arch were open. Inside the fort were many other tourists. The Chinese ones were busily taking pictures of each other, and it made me realise how my pictures are usually empty. The fort has two entrances, and the western one which opens into the Gobi is known as the Travellers’ Gate.

Though the murder weapon was never found, investigators determined a .38 caliber revolver was used. Testimony was given from a Lansing man stating he had sold a .38 caliber gun to Daniel Holcomb. Daniel adamantly denied it, swearing he had never owned such a weapon. After the well-respected Pinkerton Detective Agency came up with proof of its purchase, Daniel relented. He admitted to the Lansing trip and purchase of a .38 caliber revolver but claimed he lost it while hunting in the woods.

Other testimony came from a witness who claimed to have met with James Foy about 10 days before the Crouch murders. According to the witness, Foy confronted him saying:

“You know Mr. Jacob Crouch? Well, he’s a damned old hog, and you’re just the man I want to help me put him out of the way. He is trying to beat the boys out of their property and we want to save it for them. I can get $2,000 for the job and I’ll give you $50 if you will go out with me right now. I’ve got a buggy here all ready.” The witness declined and walked away, believing that Foy was not serious and just shooting-off his mouth.

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