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To return to Alfriston, you must retrace your steps. Sacramento Subway Map Follow the road back to the path leading down from the Long Man, but now continue along Sacramento Subway Map the road, heading south-westwards, for just over a mile. The road is reasonably quiet, and there are good views to the Long Man to your left and the escarpment of the Downs below Firle Beacon to your right, so this is not an unpleasant walk.

In about a mile from Wilmington the road rises to meet the South Downs Way which crosses the road here *If you have decided to cut out Wilmington you will be reunited with the main route at this point . Turn right onto the South Downs Way but almost immediately bear left through a gate onto a path which heads downhill through an open field. To your left, across the field, is Lullington Church, one of the smallest in the country with room for about 20 people – it is actually the chancel of a much larger building, and contains some fourteenth-century work.

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