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The Eastern church does not have canons regarding colors, but, esp. for the Byzantine church, besides the privilege accorded to the use of white at Easter time, red is generally indicated for funeral rites and for Lent. It is thus evident that the invitation to penitence is in this case elicited through the memory of the shedding of blood. COLOSSEUM COLISEUM, Flavian amphitheater. This building, a Roman archaeological invention see Cozzo 197-253; Futrell 121-161, was a symbol from its conception, part of the political plan to exalt the Flavian dynasty. At the same time it restored a public space used by Nero for private ends, the construction of the Domus Aurea, the Flavian amphitheater, was thus meant to reflect the power and magnificence of the Roman Empire. Following the proposal of Alföldy Eine Bauinschrift, 208ff. who found an inscription in two versions: IMPERATOR CAESAR TITUS VESPASIANUS AUGUSTUS AMPHITHEATRUM NOVUM ? EX MANUBIS

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Live music on Friday evenings during spring and summer. Extended Iraq Map Tourist Attractions hours and art displays the first Saturday of every month. Wines available by the glass. Many Iraq Map Tourist Attractions wines available in tasting room only. NEARBY ATTRACTIONS: Paso Robles City Park (site of festivals, summer concerts, farmers’ market); Paso Robles Pioneer Museum (historical displays, vintage vehicles and tractors). EBERLE WINERY In Paso Robles, the name Eberle conjures two iconic figures: pioneering winemaker Gary Eberle, who planted the region’s first Syrah vines and helped establish Paso Robles as a premier winegrowing region, and the small statue of a wild boar, the mascot of Eberle Winery.

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