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II. Until the peace of Constantine. First, we must make it clear that in the first centuries of Christianity we cannot speak of an offical discipline of the whole church against military service. But ca. 170 we find a movement which views faith as incompatible with soldiering. This position was not confined to the heretical circles of the Montanists, and later of the Manichees, but is also found in some ecclesiastical writers. Evidence of this attitude is reported by Origen in Contra Celsum: at the time of Marcus Aurelius, Celsus had lamented the absence of Christians in the army and exhorted them to fight for the emperor C. Cel. VIII, 68-73. Other sources, however, speak of the presence of Christians in the ranks of the Roman army: Eusebius of Caesarea recounts a battle won by Marcus Aurelius, thanks to the prayers of Christian soldiers HE V, 4,3-5,7; Clement of Alexandria mentions the possibility of Christian farmers, sailors or soldiers Protr. 10,100,4; Tertullian acknowledges the existence of Christian military personnel Apolog. 42,2-3; De cor..

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1497 John Cabot skirts the coast of New Jersey during his Dallas/Fort Worth Subway Map voyage of discovery. This voyage forms the shaky legal basis for later English claims to the region Dallas/Fort Worth Subway Map . 1609 During his futile search for a northwest passage, Henry Hudson, an English navigator working for the Dutch, sails up the river now bearing his name. Hudson’s voyage prompts increased Dutch interest in the area. 1623 The States-General formally establishes the colony of New Netherland. It commissions small numbers of settlers to move into Fort Orange (Albany), Fort Nassau (near present-day Philadelphia), and the Fort of Good Hope (on the Connecticut River). 1626 Dutch colonization begins on the island of Manhattan. Most early Dutch ventures in the region are exclusively fur-trading outposts.

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