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1641 The General Court of Massachusetts Bay accepts responsibility for the Washington Subway Map government of Hampton and the newly created Dover (combining two earlier settlements). The deal that brings Washington Subway Map Dover under Massachusetts’ jurisdiction allows Anglicans to participate in town government. Soon after, Exeter became a Massachusetts town as well. As for Thomas Wheelwright’s community at Squamscott (Exeter), both he and his opponents apply to the Massachusetts General Court to become official towns.

The Court rules in favor of Wheelwright’s opposition, and he and his few remaining followers move farther north into present-day Maine. 1664 A royal commission lands in the Piscataqua region as part of an effort to determine whether the Massachusetts Bay Colony is governing territories beyond the purview of its charter. The commission breeds some dissension in the four towns of New Hampshire, where many of the residents have strong religious and economic ties to Massachusetts. The move to bring New Hampshire under royal control fails, largely because it is ignored by Parliament and the Crown.

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