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The volunteers are ready with directions and information on the province’s museums, sights and special events.

The province of British Columbia is a favored vacation destination. Vancouver, Canada’s third largest city, after Toronto and Montreal, is tucked away in the extreme southwest corner of British Columbia. More than 1.5 million people live in metropolitan Vancouver. The city overlooks the Strait of Georgia, which separates the mainland from Vancouver Island, home of Victoria, the provincial capital of British Columbia. The city of Vancouver has a beautiful land-locked, ice-free harbor. To the north are wooded mountains four thousand feet tall and snowcapped much of the year. Chinatown in Vancouver has an international reputation for good restaurants and is second in size only to that of San Francisco. For a spectacular view of the city take the gondola up the side of Grouse mountain. The climate resembles Seattle’s, with few extremes of heat or cold. Temperatures rarely reach 80 degrees in summer, and winters have relatively few days below freezing. About sixty inches of rain falls annually in Vancouver but there is little snow.

British Columbia has a varied geography. The coast is said to be similar to that of Norway. The sagebrush-filled plateau land of the northeast looks like Texas. The green valleys resemble those of western Oregon. The coast has mild winters and cool summers. The inland areas have greater temperature extremes and much less rainfall than the coastal areas.

Canada history: Afer the wine is bottled, the Janakuses age it for Canada Metro Map two to three years before sending it to market. This generous aging program yields complex vintages that Canada Metro Map are well developed and accessible upon release. The Janakuses purchased an additional 165 acres near the tiny town of Creston in 2005 and opened a tasting room on the property three years later. The tasting room is in a farmhouse that sits on a gentle rise. Picnic tables and an outdoor tasting bar offer views of neighboring vineyards. Permanently parked under a tree near the driveway, an orange 1949 Chevrolet flatbed truck holds a load of empty, weathered wine barrels.

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