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Safety in the Wilderness

Most people who visit parks and wilderness areas each year do so without getting sick, sustaining injuries, or suffering any other harm. It’s not necessary to be excessively concerned about hazards. At the same time, it’s important to know how to take care of yourself out there, and to be able to recognize potential problems before they have a chance to develop.

There’s no question that spending time in the wilderness does mean taking on some risks. These can be kept to an minimum by attentive and responsible behavior. As in other realms of life, however, the risks can never be completely eliminated.

If you’re many miles from a highway, getting seriously hurt or sick would amount to a real crisis, one which must be avoided by every means possible. Medical attention would be hours away at the very least, and in a remote area it might take days to get to a doctor or hospital. Your life could be on the line.

It’s essential that you assume full responsibility for yourself and your actions, and completely up to you to keep from getting hurt. Under ordinary circumstances it’s unreasonable to blame the park or anyone else if you should have an accident.

In the unlikely event of an injury, your survival may depend on getting out on your own. A rescue or other aid can never be counted on. A considerable amount of time may be required to get the word out that help is needed, and rescues are often expensive. You can be charged for the cost of a rescue if a mishap is the result of your own carelessness or unpreparedness.

Every person who embarks on a wilderness trip should be fully aware of the risks, especially when preparing to venture out alone. Unless you’re thoroughly skilled in wilderness ways, and feel absolutely certain that you can deal with any situation which arises, it’s best to go with knowledgeable friends or a reputable group.

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