Italy Metro Map

Sardinia, second largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily, has mostly clean water touching its many miles of beaches. Sardinia presents a range of tourist accommodations, from inexpensive to deluxe, a summer resort for the European jet set, most of it the work of the Aga Khan and friends. Their resorts are served by their own air service from mainland Italy.

Northern Italy shares the Alps with Switzerland. Lake Como is not far from Milan, and Milan can be reached directly by plane from New York City. The Trans-European express train from Paris takes eight-and-a-half hours. At Cernobbio the Villa d’Este Hotel floats its own pool in Como Lake no pollution that way. Usually, more than half the guests at the hotel are American.

The Tlahan lake country boasts of clean air and in the winter is a favorite ski area. In addition to Lake Como, two other lakes, Lake Gorda and Lake Maggiore, are popular resort spots. Lake Gorda, the largest, is two miles wide and forty miles long. Lake Maggiore is shared by Italy and Switzerland.

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