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0.0 The trail begins at northwest corner of the parking lot and is one of the access points to the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT).

0.5 Trail intersection with the SHT. The trail to the left goes to Gooseberry State Park in 4.3 miles. To continue this hike, turn right and descend to a bridge just below a waterfall on the left.

0.8 Landslide area; continue on the trail up and around rather than cutting across it.

1.3 Cross a split-log bridge over a small wet-weather stream and climb a steep set of stone steps.

1.7 The trail makes a sharp turn at the river’s edge and ascends a steep rocky trail. Exercise increased caution at this point.

2.0 Pass the rock formations known as the Pillars.

2.1 Spur trail on the left leads to a campsite.

2.3 Split Rock River crossing. The trail continuing straight ahead, just before crossing the bridge, leads to a campsite. On the other side of the bridge is a trail to another campsite. The Split Rock River Trail continues to the right after crossing the bridge and begins a gradual descent down the east side of the river.

3.0 The trail turns away from the river gorge.

3.7 The trail emerges from the forest and passes along the edge of a ridge providing panoramic views of the river valley below and of Lake Superior. Reach a trail shelter in a short distance, a good place to rest and enjoy the view (47° 11′ 29.1″ N 91° 24′ 23.2″ W).

3.9 Trail intersection; turn right and descend a wide grassy trail leading to Highway 61 parking. The SHT continues straight ahead at this point reaching Beaver Bay in 10.8 miles.

4.3 Highway 61; cross the highway and walk, facing traffic, back to the trailhead.

4.6 Trailhead.

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