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We have heard EVPs recorded using the Zoom H2 and a Tascam DR07 recorders and were surprised at the clarity compared with a traditional digital audio recorder. If you have extra cash, it’s a good recorder to add to your gear bag.

Let’s Look at the Evidence

Searching to find the truth about the paranormal is a non-stop quest for many people. Paranormal groups use all sorts of video and photo cameras, recorders and special lighting to try and gather evidence. Their equipment has become much more sophisticated.

Some paranormal investigators tell us they are scientific-based, though most have no formal education or advanced knowledge of scientific methodology.

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In 1905 she had the same owner but C. G. Bayard was the manager. In 1916, the vessel was sold to Rederiaktiebolaget Uman in Stockholm Nils Osterman and Co. Stockholm was the registered owner in 1917. Later in 1917 Claes Birger Below, Stockholm became the registered owner. Later that same day, 13 May 1918, she was taken over by Rederi A/B Amazone, Stockholm and renamed Torkel. The company had tried to change the name to Cerigo, but the Swedish National Board of Trade would not allow it. T. Hillerstrom, Malmo was the manager.

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