Paper Annex US Map & Phone & Address

Paper Annex US Map & Phone & Address

1638 Beacon St. Brookline; (617) 566-2220

70 Needham St. Newton; (617) 332-1250

Related to the China Fair stores (see the listing under Home Furnishings), Paper Annex has a full line of supplies and decorations for all your party needs. From decorator paper plates at $2.19 a pack, to plastic Happy Birthday banners at 790 a foot, they have shelves and shelves of the stuff.

Bags of colored tinsel, $1.20;packs of eight invitations with envelopes, $2; paper American flags for 490. Even prismatic reflective top hats for $1.59, as well as mylar balloons with cartoon characters on them and even pinatas. Plus several lines of designer supplies by Caspari and others gorgeous, heavy-duty paper napkins and plates. Open Mondays through Saturdays.

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