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This section concludes with Larissa Hjorth, Cincinnati, The Place of the Urban: Intersections between mobile and game cultures’, which investigates the way notions of the urban are contested through the advent of cyberspace and new forms of mobility emerging through mobile media and gaming technology. Hjorth examines how mobile gaming creates the potentiality of play as an art form that transforms urban spaces into play places, while reinforcing the significance of place in cultural knowledge and production.

By contextualizing the rise of urban mobile gaming in relation to urban theory and spatial experience, and a case study of second generation, or gamification, of LBS games in Shanghai, China, the chapter maps how mobile technologies re-define the ways in which urban place and locality are experienced.

The vast majority of Haitians, however, have always been Cincinnati Metro Map poor and powerless. This continues to be true today. Poverty, it can be said, Cincinnati Metro Map breeds poverty. For Haiti, it is very difficult to build from a weak and crumbling foundation. Third, education and experience are the keys to economic success and (at least to a degree) political stability. Even today, only about half of all Haitians are able to read and write, the lowest percentage in the Western Hemisphere.

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