The summer season is very hot and humid and a hat is recommended. Otherwise you could follow the Chinese practice and buy a sun umbrella for a very small outlay. These have a silver sun proof lining. Winter can get quite cold and a warm coat or jacket will help you stay warm.

One thing you can’t buy in Shenzhen is a pair of shoes in larger sizes, so make sure you have enough pairs before you arrive. On the other hand, Shenzhen is the home of the inexpensive fashion handbag, so leave room in your suitcase for buying a selection.

Many guidebooks for China suggest dressing down or never wearing a skirt, in the mistaken idea that this will make you fit in. As a foreigner, unfortunately you are never going to blend in with the crowd and the ladies in Shenzhen love fashion. Office ladies wear heels, dressy jeans are popular and the wealthier locals favour designer sports clothes.

Cosmetics in Shenzhen are subject to duty and are not as cheap as they are in Hong Kong; so, we suggest bringing your own cosmetics or stocking up in Hong Kong. It is also a good idea to bring special shampoos and conditioners, tampons, contact lens solution and spare eyeglasses.

Good sunscreen is needed almost all year and is hard to find locally so bring your own as we recommend applying it every day, even when there is no sun as the weather is changeable and the sun is very strong. A hat and sunglasses are essential in summer and you may find yourself adopting the local practice of carrying a sun umbrella.


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