Seek Out a New Theatrical Experience on the Ghost Bus Tour

If you are always looking for new ways to experience the theatre Ghost Bus Tours are a provocative, award winning experience that will introduce you to a different side of London’s talent and history.

A Glorious, Violent Past

London is an ancient city tied to some truly gruesome history. From the times Roman conquerors arrived dating back two millennia, there is a history of violence and tragedy that leaves the city open for lingering spirits and paranormal activity. Even if you are a non-believer the spine tingling fun of wanting to be convinced makes learning about London’s gory past all the more fun. The Ghost Bus Tour is one of the Bus Tours London provides, and explores the possibility of meeting up with the tortured souls of the dead and is so well executed it has won awards. The tour focuses on the sights and accompanying stories of the supernatural and entices with eerie tales and visuals so scary it is not recommended for children.

The Bus

The bus itself is a 1960s Routemaster purported to have an interesting tie in to a less than savoury past. It is perfect for the purposes of the journey that seeks out the most unsavoury aspects of London’s dark history as the bus was once used as a funeral bus. The bus was designed to carry as many as 60 mourners, pall bearers and the casket complete with the deceased’s remains. Use of the bus became so familiar in London that the eerie sound of the whistle blown by conductors made Londoners remove their hats as a gesture of respect for the dead. The buses were so infamous in London they were affectionately known as Carcass Coaches.

The Route

The bus tours along some of the city’s

landmarks including:

The Houses of Parliament

London Bridge

Westminster Abbey

Downing Street

Tower Bridge

St. Paul’s Cathedral

The Tower of London.

Each attraction is accompanied by a story reflecting the dark side of history complete with a series of restless spirits travelling on the bus. Stories cover the demon barber of Fleet Street, the Cross Bones Graveyard of Southwark,the famous tombs of Westminster Abbey and the black dog of Newgate Prison.London is riddled with stories of suffering and misery made all the more horrifying with the Ghost Bus Tours unique sense of theatrics.


The conductor of the bus is appropriately creepy and will narrate the tour and the ghastly stories throughout the journey. The performance is artfully handled and includes many special effects and trickery to make the experience more authentic and entertaining. The conductor is joined by additional actors who participate in the activities making it a completely unexpected and enjoyable experience. The company also offers the additional service of custom tours designed to meet your own sense of ghoulish fun and is ideal for parties for all occasions.

If you are interested in combining your love of theatre with a good scare, Ghost Bus Tours will draw you in to a whole new theatrical experience.

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