Stars Ocean Chinese Seafood US Map & Phone & Address

70-72 Kilmarnock St. Boston; (617) 236-0384

Stars Ocean is a simple, unpretentious Chinese food restaurant in an out-of-the-way location: the Fenway. While it might have been lost in the sauce in Chinatown, here it stands out for good food, a large menu, and low prices.

For starters, Mine (guided by a newspaper clipping in the window) tried the Shanghai spring rolls (two for $2.75). Indeed, these were freshly made, served up hot and crisp, with a filling of cabbage and shrimp that was slightly tangy to the tongue. The menu specializes in Cantonese and Mandarin. Peking sesame chicken ($7.95), West Lake beef ($8.95) beef and scallops with vegetables in sauce and pork fried with lemon grass ($6.95) are all quite large and the sauces are tasty.

As the restaurant’s name suggests, seafood is the specialty. There are over a dozen different choices for shrimp alone, such as Lake Tung Ting ($8.95), marinated shrimp and vegetables sauteed in a white wine sauce. At the high end, Dragon and Phoenix ($9.95) combines chicken and lobster meat with vegetables and scallions in a spicy tomato sauce.

Stars Ocean serves generous lunch specials, most for $4.95, with such choices as fried shrimp and chicken teriyaki, roast pork egg foo yung, or spring roll and boneless garlic

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