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For the “birthday of the capital,” 11 May 330, which became an official anniversary, Constantine had an image modeled in gilded wood which showed him with Tyche, or Winged Victory, in his right hand, an image later known as Anthousa “flourishing”. Still with the aim of creating continuity with Rome on the Tiber, Constantine I set up a senate bouleuterion or synkletos at Constantinople, whose members senators of Rome itself and some taken from provincial centers enjoyed the same honors and privileges as Roman senators. Of the new city’s various squares, we should mention the famous Forum Constantini, designed to become the true center of the capital: the statue of Helios, now transformed into an image of Constantine, was erected there on a porphyry column. Finally the capital was enriched with works of art, transported from the provinces and even from Rome a famous statue of Apollo, the tripod of Pythia etc.. To satisfy the material needs of the population, the emperor Valens 364–378 built an imposing aqueduct which still survives in part. Constantine I renovated the old baths of Zeuxippus; appropriate xenones were built for foreigners, the poor and the sick, and hospices for the old gerokomeia.

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1718 When William Penn dies, he leaves behind two proprietary Jersey City Map colonies and considerable confusion. Hannah Penn is the sole executrix of William’s will, and Jersey City Map she has to deal with several problems: Penn’s oldest son has been disinherited in favor of sons from his second marriage, there are different groups of trustees assigned to the Country lands and their governments, and there are mortgagees who have kept Penn out of debtor’s prison. Hannah is able to retain the Penn family’s grip on Delaware for a few more years. 1720s While the Penn estate is being sorted out in England, William Keith begins to act independently as a sort of royal governor for Delaware. Keith appoints new courts, institutes a new criminal code, and moves to New Castle County, purchasing an extensive tract he calls Keithsborough, and opening an iron works. He exceeds his authority in 1724, however, when he expands the boundaries of New Castle and gives it a new charter as a city. Keith has issued the charter in the name of the king, and it does not mention the Penns at all. The action gets Keith recalled, and in 1726, Major Patrick Gordon takes over as governor. Keith does not go quietly; he spends several years working behind the scenes and in the Pennsylvania assembly against Gordon’s government.

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