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CONSTANTINE of Siout d. 640. One of the major writers of Coptic literature, he lived sometime between 550 and 640, i.e. in the period when the anti-Chalcedonian church in Egypt enjoyed relative freedom and could reorganize its spiritual and hierarchical life esp. under Bishop Damian. Constantine was first a monk and traveled in the Holy Land. He was then consecrated bishop of the important center of Siout Gk. Lycopolis, Ar. Assiut in Middle Egypt. His major works are two encomia of Athanasius and two of Claudius the martyr, in which what remained of an Egyptian historical and doctrinal culture emerges.

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1615 Champlain, again joining the Huron against the Iroquois, Kansas City Map Tourist Attractions journeys across Lake Ontario. 1620 English Puritans aboard the Mayflower land at Plymouth, Massachusetts, and Kansas City Map Tourist Attractions establish the first colony in New England. 1621 King James I of England grants Nova Scotia to William Alexander. This puts the English in direct competition with the French, who claim this region as part of Acadia. 1627 Cardinal Richelieu, chief minister to King Louis XIII, interested in improving French commerce, authorizes a new Company of New France, led by Isaac de Razilly, to help forward Champlain’s plans for colonial expansion. 1629 Warfare between England and France in Europe spills over to North Country when an English military expedition forces Champlain to surrender Quebec. 1632 Peace negotiations result in the return of Quebec to France. Champlain is accompanied back to Quebec by a French squadron commanded by Razilly. 1634 Champlain founds a trading post at Trois-Rivi¨res.

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