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Attitudes toward bisexual, gay, and lesbian travelers are particular to each region in Europe. Acceptance is generally highest in large cities and The Netherlands, and generally lower in eastern nations. Listed below are contact organizations, mail order bookstores, and publishers that offer materials addressing some specific concerns. Out and About ( offers a biweekly newsletter as well as a comprehensive website.

The mid-eighteenth century saw new shipbuilding centers emerge outside New England and Philadelphia and the two-masted schooner replace the sloop. Germany Subway Map The poet Ebenezer Cooke, representing the view of some Maryland leaders, had called for the establishment of a Chesapeake shipbuilding industry in his 1730 Sot-Weed Redivivus. Even though Chesapeake shipbuilding had been relatively modest, there was already an extensive industry, concentrated in Norfolk and Annapolis, devoted to refitting and repairing ships in harbor. Chesapeake shipbuilding took off after the late 1740s, and by the end of the colonial period Maryland and Virginia combined had replaced Philadelphia as the second largest shipbuilding center in Country after Boston. Southern shipbuilders specialized in large oceangoing ships and fast sloops and schooners. Charles Town, where 17 ships were launched between 1760 and 1774, had the largest average tonnage of any Country shipbuilding center, and Georgia, where shipbuilding was just starting, had the second largest. Paradoxically, as much as town establishments loved water-borne trade, they were suspicious of the sailors who were necessary for it. Sailors epitomized the transient population, the mobility in the eighteenth-century sense. Sailors were a distinct group, easily recognizable by their rolling gait, weathered skin, distinctive clothing, and tattoos. The sections of towns near the docks that catered to sailors with cheap lodgings, taverns, entertainment, and brothels epitomized the nonrespectable. Groups of sailors on leave were perceived as a possible source of crime and riot and had a reputation for brawling and blasphemy.

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