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Paulinus of Antioch deliberately did not come. At the emperor’s wish a group of 36 so-called Macedonian bishops had also been invited, led by Eleusius of Cyzicus and Martin of Lampsacus, against whose ideas the synod later pronounced. Macedonius had occupied the see of Constantinople from 341342 to 360. For reasons still unknown, he gave his name to the theological current of the time which denied the true divinity of the Holy Spirit and whose opinions Athanasius was the first to mention and refute in his Letters to Serapion, written 356360. These pneumatomachi, later called Macedonians, were not necessarily in line with the anti-Nicene parties. They taught that the Holy Spirit, unlike the Son whom they recognized as true God, was inferior in dignity, a minister, an interpreter, an angel. The Synod of Alexandria convened by Athanasius in 362 had explicitly proclaimed that the Holy Spirit was equal to the Father and the Son. Around 370, Basil of Caesarea had opposed the Arian Eunomius with the same doctrine, which he then in 374 developed in his treatise On the Holy Spirit. Meanwhile, after Gratian’s accession in 379, the Macedonian party organized itself into a real faction.

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1496 Columbus’s brother Bartholomew moves the capital from Isabella Karachi Metro Map to Santo Domingo. It will remain the administrative capital of the Spanish empire in the Countrys for Karachi Metro Map thirty years. San Domingo also will be the main port for Spanish shipping, until it is replaced by Havana in the 1560s. 1500 Francisco de Bobadilla, recently named royal governor of the Indies, arrives at Hispaniola in the midst of a civil war. He arrests both Columbus brothers and sends them back to Spain. Bobadilla increases gold production by licensing the mines and providing incentives. 1502 A hurricane destroys most of the gold Bobadilla has collected, along with his records, and he dies in the fierce summer storm.

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