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While creating the world, God suddenly felt very tired.

When he got to the last wheelbarrowful, he decided just to dump it anywhere, and this is how Alaska came into being.

Alaskan folktale

Fishing on an Expedition

In Alaska, when the water is clear and the spot well chosen, it con take only o few minutes ta catch the evening meal.

You tend to fish more from necessity than for pleasure on an expedition. But whatever the reason to fish, you should do it in the right place, at the right time, and with the right equipment. Results can be stunning, as fish tend to congregate in certain areas of a lake or river. One night, when two of us went line fishing, we brought in more than half a ton of trout, each fish weighing between two and twenty pounds!

Trout, pike, and salmon are the fish mast commonly found in the narthlands. One also finds char, grayling, pike, and whitefish, as well as catfish ond amur in Russia.

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