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What should you know about one of the biggest attractions in Krakow? Why is the City Historical Museum under the Main Square so popular among locals and visitors alike? Krakow Guide will tell you everything you need to know about it and how to organize your own visit to the Krakow Underground Musuem.

Krakow’s Underground Museum has become hugely popular thanks to its unique approach to joining the past and present. It offers an amazing collection of historical relics uncovered by archaeologists during renovations in the square. They include items from everyday life, remnants of medieval roads, stalls, homes and a cemetery from the 11th century with over 200 graves. Together, they form the basis for an incredible look into the ordinary lives of the citizens of Krakow a thousand years ago. The Traces of the European Identity of Krakow exhibit shows us the what work, trade and transport was like all those centuries ago. The work of anthropoligists and others tells us what Krakowians ate, what they looked like, how they died and what they believed in. Importantly, the creators of the exhibition managed to find a way to tell these stories using modern technological solutions and methods. Among other things, three-dimensional holograms are used to show us how the main square and the buildings around it developed. Audiovisual presentations take us into the past with fascinating narrations that bring events to life. The museum even features a perfectly preserved portion of a road and both commercial and residential buildings that will astound you.

Underground Museum – Krakow sightseeing for all ages

A trip to the Underground Museum is a great idea for visitors no matter what their age. There is so much to learn and discover and everyone will find something to engage their interests. Every space in the museum contains a new adventure to uncover. There’s even a dedicated space for the youngest visitors, full of play areas and a special theater where Krakow’s legends are revealed – don’t forget to reserve tickets ahead of time. It’s no surprise that the museum is well known as a kid-friendly place to have fun.

Seeing the Underground Museum with a Krakow guide

As amazing as the Underground Museum is, seeing it with a private Krakow guide adds another dimension. Why? Just take a look and you’ll see – it’s a full list of not only what the museum offers, but great offers for enhancing your visit with your own local Krakow guide. Guides provide extra information, context and details to supplement the museum exhibit. You can ask questions, talk in more detail about various aspects of Krakow’s history and generally come away with a deeper understanding of the amazing history of our beautiful city. Get in touch today if you have any questions and we look forward to meeting you here in Krakow!

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