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Simple Vault

The most common tomb style in city’ cemeteries is a simple stone slab that covers a vault. Vaults are usually lined with cement and most vaults have multiple burials (coffins are stacked on top of each other). Another type of simple vault is a hip vault that takes on the form of a miniature low-slung house. Because of their shape, crosses are often worked into the design.

Simple vaults, Auteuil


The most common type of traditional grave marker is the tablet. Ask someone to draw a cemetery and they’ll depict a field jam-packed with stone tablets. They come in all shapes and sizes from a simple stone to elaborately ornamented stele.

Tablet, Pere-Lachaise


Almost every architectural style eventually makes it inside the cemetery. Treestones are an outgrowth of the Victorian rusticity movement. Other examples of Victorian rusticity are cast iron benches made to look like they are made of twigs and branches. Treestones often sit atop rough-hewn pedestals.

If a relatively well-off widow’s children were underage and it was financially possible, she could continue to run the household herself. Kuwait Map Tourist Attractions When this happened, the family was usually from the merchant class, and the woman also took on running the family business. She would post an announcement in the local paper that she was continuing her husband’s work and hope that his usual customers would return. In 1735, Benjamin Franklin’s sister-in-law Ann Franklin began running her husband’s printing shop in Newport, Rhode Island. She published the Newport Mercury, Benjamin Franklin’s almanacs, and various other documents. The wife of a Maryland blacksmith, Jane Burgess, took over her husband’s shop in 1773. While such roles gave women very different responsibilities than was common at the time, the usual implication of these actions was that they were safeguarding their children’s inheritances until such children were of age.

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