Kyi Kyi Khin From Mandalay Tour Guide To Burma

Hey My name is TT. I’m a program to right here for the boomer, and the ARD River.

I’m from Mandalay there’s the second largest capital in Burma we grown up happily with the neighbors, and with the relatives taking care by them. So that’s a respect in our culture we address you know like sister brother not really call the name straightaway in bagong is you know over let’s say pagodas, and temples. So that’s an amazing place even for the Burmese whenever.

Kyi Kyi Khin From Mandalay Tour Guide To Burma Photo Gallery

I’m there. I feel really relaxed, and feel peace my favorite temple that’s an unending temple that’s the best in architecture we say is the most beautiful one the tallest one the most massive one. So mural paintings we can see there, and for standing buddha statutes feet high you can see there, and also the beautiful stone carvings about the Buddha’s life story still there that’s why Allender is the temple we should not miss in Pagar trying the local food along the trip does the opportunity for the travelers what looks like our real typical Burmese culture when we stop along the side of the road.

So you see like a shop stalls vendor selling some are like a seasonal sir. So Ray opportunity for them to try tempura. So, it’s a deep-fried freshly fried in front of us or like a fried while the rabbit really touch with the local taster what the local eat.

I can make you know my trips to our travelers different from the usual let them go with the local people talk with the local but can give them the opportunities that kind of experience you know that they can bring back home you.

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