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Gives you a different perspective on where you are, and who you’re visiting, and the food is necessary period. This is the wild almond tree.

I am hoping that the traveler coming to Cape Town, and experience the tolerance that we have for one another in Cape Town originally established by the Dutch as a supply station for ships traveling to East Africa India, and the Far East Cape Town continues to be a center for trade, and commerce that is all the waterfront framed by Table Mountain on one side, and the Atlantic Ocean on the other it is a modern, and multicultural city rich in history this was pretty much prepared for the Queen remember we were under British rule the Kirsten mulch botanical garden is known as the most beautiful garden in Africa it is over, species in cultivation, and spectacular natural areas of fame Bush which is the local Afrikaans name for the slender scrubland vegetation found entire continent. I told my husband you, it’s massive, it’s just amazing, and it’s sexy nothing like that we have banyan trees, and dating back to Cape Town’s company garden has extraordinary plantings including a heritage Rose Garden built in hey well. We’ve heard that Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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So we’re out to make our own determination about that Cape Town is one of the most multicultural cities in the world famous for its harbor is Robben Island, it’s three, and a half kilometers long but two point seven kilometers wide fantastic riding a cable car over feet of sand stone to the top of Table Mountain yields are remarkable degree view the main feature of Table Mountain is its level plateau edged by impressive cliffs the flat top of the mountain is often covered where the moisture condenses to form the. So called tablecloth of cloud this one is known as lions head from a distance it looks like a lion laying on its side. So it this looks like the ramp of the lion this you would see on this angle here and This is the peaks that we call the twelve apostels but if you actually count them they are not necessarily twelve oh.

I think, it’s fantastic. I can’t believe. I’m here, it’s just unbelievable nice cloudy makes you look more mysterious up here.

I guess, it’s being considered for one of the seven wonders of nature rightfully. So that’s just awesome. I don’t know.

I’ve never been anywhere quite like this before at the tip of the Cape Peninsula lies Cape Point a nature enthusiasts paradise just around the corner is boulders beach a sheltered Cove of soft white sand home to a colony of thousands of black-footed penguins after a day of discovery travelers join a family for dinner all the wholesome goodness their culture their family tasting you know the food South Africa is especially a cape town it is amazing exploring the city of Cape Town mesmerizing natural surroundings, and people at the southern focus of a continent tonight we’re going to a home hosted dinner, and we visit a local person’s home we have dinner with them meet their families experience their lifestyle, and eat the local foods, and learn about their life here firsthand, and that’s really fun for the main of mule that will be part chicken. So changing onion, and peppers, and any bit of fresh cream, and the English, and also to sautéed cabbage, and cauliflower, and green beans, and some butternut squash just delightful interaction one of the special things that. I think Fran circle does, and enjoy dinner the apple crumble but some tested.

This is a wonderful experience somebody’s home we’re having fun in the market, and that’s the fun is bargaining. So we’re getting to do some of that today bring them Bob wake up night work we can spend a lot of money here Wow every woman’s dream everything for a price, and you can bargain, it’s gonna be hard to leave. We’ve made some wonderful friends, and it’s been.

So much fun just to you know have the Indian Ocean – are these the West a kaleidoscope of experience evidence that the nation has become as Nelson Mandela envisioned a rainbow nation at peace with itself, and the world.

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