Oh Hey everybody we’ve like kind of half got ready for the date Steve, and I both have this morning off. So we’re thinking you’re going out to a cafe for coffee, and it looks like it’s not raining at the moment which is awesome. Because rains been putting a damper on the mood making us house down there was some before is the song gone I was kind of getting a bit gloomy again also a lot of washing out there that’s wet ready to deal with it this is what happens when you don’t have a dryer hmm how am I gonna get through the winter, I’m gonna have to go to your parents house with clothes to be all we discovered in the dryer oh we just go to the northern hemisphere for indigo mm-hmm good idea all right go get ready oh well you see a leapfrog in an area called wanna ruined the cool thing here is they have like a really awesome Botanical Garden, and this mini-golf which will have to come mini-golf in one time we also do a real good coffee, and we’ll the scoreboard is cheeky Jessica.


But this is it here it’s kind of nice, I’ll show you more inside smells. So good for cut pretty this place is so nice, and is like a toy on just Alton with the Fisher Melbourne the little fishes you know cheeky marshmallow my coffee your aunties from England would be proud got a homemade strawberry jam with real strawberries in there sorry for if anyone’s feeling hungry now Stephens mom is having an eye operation today yeah something I never told you guys is that my mom is like 90% blind, and then today she’s going for an eye operation to hopefully give her a bit more sight she’s saying that like the muscles above her eyes getting loose you know. So it’s harder for her to open up the eyes. So she’s getting it lifted up. So he says give her a little call. Because she’s going in soon to wish her luck I think she said she has had this operation before.

But it’s like you know over time hey mom just wanted to wish you good luck with your little operation this afternoon well everyone on the post will wish you good luck I like haven’t even started my caught up to the deal music we like the best suit though there’s a marshmallow in them it’s gonna be the best yes alright guys it is Wednesday which means it is Q&A day, and we thought we’re gonna do most of the questions from this time. Because we realize we skimped on the questions last time apologize first question I have a question saying I wonder what you guys do for a living since he spent so much time of your day doing blogs yeah. So we do a thing we do like thing we do a thing I suppose it’s called like digital nomads. But we’re not traveling. So we’re not doing the Nomad part of it. But at the moment at the moment it’s also a great way which I suggest if you do have the skills to travel, and work. Because I build websites I do social media for companies we also do posts which you guys saw for cover more oh that’s really what we do if I just have a laptop, and an internet connection I can work that’s pretty much it yeah also means that we do have time about our day till I go, and do stuff, and then we come home, and do work.

So that’s kind of how how it all works here in four minutes oh I see. So beautiful here perfect place to do your Q&A guys there is a gigantic white web that size there oh I feel like I need a like threw water on it you know no glitter fit oh yeah that’s the one thing about this 4/20 Gardens is there spiders everywhere I got it oh oh are you scared of what, I’m seeing with you yeah you scared me so much yeah I thought it was gonna get on your head you look at it guys it is it is seriously like oh my goodness guys look at the size of it it’s like the size of a thumb sorry for freaking out I literally thought it was gonna go on your head welcome to Australia enough Botanic Gardens jess is like freaking out oh my god why are we here Jay to the duck scare you yeah dude big time spider we just had a little bit of fun posting some gamey posts Lego Batman it’s really fun game you chose some goodies I tried plants, and goodies that you’d be able to play Murray loves it. Because he gets to plays games. So don’t aren’t another question had a few people ask me what like how I get my hair this blonde, and how I maintain it, and has taken me a while to like really work out what to do. So, I’ll quickly let you guys know I get it like bleached of course like a member is bleached, and then I use a toner which is the Weller the brand is well up in the color t12, and it gets all the orange out of your hair, and it makes it nice, and white, and then to maintain that color I do that at the hairdresser’s by the way. But just in case you want to ask them if they do well up in t12, and then to maintain it I use a purple shampoo called matrix, I’ll quickly show you this is the shampoo I use, and it keeps it again staying white, and it gets any orange that may go into my hair it is a very very good shampoo yes as I said before I will, and I need to get my roots back which I will be doing sometime soon all righty guys just quickly in the office to do some work, and just before I do some work I thought I answer a quick question Stephanie asked if we ever had some culture shock while traveling not really the one time we were in South Africa we’re doing a road trip from a place called M funk any down to k-town we saw a peaceful I don’t know if you want to call a peaceful protest where the local African people were burning tires in the middle of the road dancing around the road wasn’t letting anyone go through it was a bit shocking madmen, and they were already put we never having to do a detour which had an extra hour, and a half to our day we didn’t want to hang around there. Because we didn’t know if it’s going to stay peaceful not luckily we did get out of there alrighty work is done let’s pack up now it’s like I don’t know late afternoon, and mom isn’t back from her surgery yet.

So I think after give her a call to see how it was. Because I was hoping to see her give us some love. But she’s not back yet, and I think her appointment was 3:30. So no what’s taking. So long hopefully everything does go well seriously, I’m just on oh no don’t be cute while, I’m telling you off no just one time come, and say hello to me please I was gonna not call you. Because you’ve been selfish. But, I’ll give you that no no a few hours of past, and we’re now home, and we want to have a hanok session.

But. Because it always yeah. But the ways difficult to start off with. Because we might have to try, and sit on why aren’t you in your freaking I don’t have one what are you talking about you know you’re that red one that time yeah. But worst at home somewhere a Paris house I have to find that for you you need it cuz it’s getting to the wintertime alrighty we’ll answer a quickly on answer a quick one, and snapchat Oh Stuckey oh, I’ll see if this one high-flying the nest, I’m from the UK, and before I ask my question I just want to say I also love your posts I commentd a few weeks ago, and I really want to go to Perth no me, and my friends are best in the summer traveling to South America like a relative limiter, and sirtalis my question for you is have you ever traveled to South America only happen where did you go if you haven’t why love it oh no we haven’t no we haven’t been to South America tell them why Jessica um why haven’t we I don’t know we need to go every year to go get our backpacks, and go from one side to the other yes we’ve always wanted to join up, and even there’s more Central America we just been to Costa Rica. But there’s so much more to go see oh we’re about to you going oh no no I don’t know what your plans are. But we need to do it we need to do it no, I’m hungry Jess Oh y’all may come on come on, I’m making some curry would you been answering more um Charlie on saladna Marquess I save the camera oh my this is like how big is it a good idea laughing is it my arm bleeding no more questions in the Q&A casualties oh here – mom.

So mom either put it on yeah guys who ever you think that the Q&A that we just do the Q&A. But if you can see how dangerous q, and A’s are we nearly got killed by like a really dangerous spider Jess almost died on a hammock for pausing the Q&A for the week. Because just week on, I’m sorry, I’m shaky my arms are shaking were like adrenaline rush Carla the Q&A is getting too dangerous we’re pausing until next week sorry ending our night the right way the popcorn all right guys I think jess has snuck off to bed to watch some cheeky , and I might edit some posts. But um thanks so much for reading if you’d like us to answer some questions in next week’s Q&A leave your questions in the comment section below, and we promise we’ll try to get to all of them thanks so much for reading guys we’ll see you tomorrow No.

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