Ladakh – Basgo Palace, and Monastery – Must Visit

The darks mesmerizing beauty amazing history, and fascinating heritage makes it a popular, and most loved travel destinations in India the surreal landscape hides a number of mysterious places that have a legend attached to it one such place is the Bosco palace perched atop a snow, and clay hill the palace is enlisted among world’s hundred most endangered heritage sites by the u.s. world monument fund in this post we will try to explore the mystic charm of this place namasté from Team India Kumu, and welcome back to the third post of Ladakh series on our blog we hope you have watched the previous two posts the first one on card Amla top, and the second post on NuBra Valley in case you haven’t washed them yet we will leave links to both the posts in the description box below you can watch them after reading this post click on the comment button, and then click the Bell pattern next to it to get notified of a future post uploads now let’s begin the ruins of pasco palace lies at a distance of 42 kilometers west of Lake, and is on the way toward sham Valley after crossing Gurudwara Patel Sahib Magnetic Hill Inn descends, and sky lyvers confluence six kilometers ahead of Nimue village.

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A right turn on the road takes you to the Pasco religion it’s a straight road that goes to the village for around one, and half kilometers until you cross a small bridge the winding road from this point slowly ascends offering views of the lush greenery, and plantations of the village from the road it’s difficult to form an opinion about the kind of a palace it is until you cross the last curve, and reach the open space the entire place holds a mystic charm right from the drive to reaching the top the top offers beautiful views of the Baskerville H below surrounded by mountains one can easily spend hours admiring the beauty of the surroundings, and the castle ruins made of mud, and rocks the serein castle ruins perched on a steep hill given impression of huge antlers emerging from the ground it makes one wonder about how the place initially looked like early Ladakh was divided into two parts the upper Ladakh ruled by tuk boondi from leh, and Shey.

The lower Ladakh piped up a boom from Timmy’s CIM, and Basco a former king of Pasco named Hagen brought back together Ladakh by conquering the lace king, and took on the last name Namgyal which means drum friend the new kingdom later set up by him continues to exist till date the complex includes the rules of the castle anamur gnashed recall Tabasco mana stream, and is noted for its Buddha statues, and old murals the castle, and the menagerie was set up on the hilltop in the year 1618 while the castle is in a state of Bruins the monastery is now reestablished UNESCO, and the Vasko Welfare Committee have United to restore the ancient castle compound a small walk towards the right takes you to the Ministry which houses three different material putte temples surging, and chomp-chomp temple on the left, and Chamba materia on the right a monk who resides there will happily take you to a tour around the three temples the biggest of the three is the chamba McCrea set up on a hilltop the temple can be accessed by climbing up a number of steep vertical stairs which might be a bit exhausting for some from the top one gets beautiful views of the entire complex.

And the village the temple holds a huge 40 metres high golden copper gilded statue of Mary of Buddha you on the lower down hill in the opposite side lies the second temple dissolving temple, and is ancient, and champa material to reach the temple one has to walk through the narrow paved pathway lined with whitewashed walls on either sides the unexpected dramatic turns with astonishing views of the surroundings kept us thrilled, and left us wondering about what we might stumble upon next the temple houses a large Maitreya Buddha statue, and the walls are atoned with colorful paintings, and murals the conservation of this temple has been undertaken by the Bosco Welfare Committee the third temple to the right is the chamcham temple it was built by a Muslim Balti princes to offer hannumas. But later converted into a Buddhist temple when she adopted Buddhism it’s the smallest shrine in not very good shape efforts are being taken to preserve the structure the spite of being such an amazing place the bascopolous kept of very few tourists we were the only people over there, and didn’t see a single soul walking in during a two-hour stay over there one must visit this place to experience the mystic charm of the monastery the crumbly mud mountains the landscape, and the surreal bascopolous enjoins.

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