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The docks untouched natural, and rustic beauty can be seen all around beautiful valleys snow-capped mountain peaks shrugged Terrence, and clear blue skies make Ladakh one of the most picturesque regions in India by some of the places in ladakh require dedicated number of days to be explode there are a couple of scenic attractions which don’t require a lot of time, and can be easily covered in a day one such group of attractions is the sharm valley attractions Shambala attractions lie on the lace Srinagar Highway, and is actually on the way to earth sham Valley, and not actually in the valley if your travel itinerary includes a drive from late to lamayuru or from lamayuru to lay like it was in our case then you will be able to cover most of the sham valley attractions along the route itself most of the Jean Valley attractions lie between elite oh poor aunt Lee we decided to cover the attractions on the fourth day of aladar trip why we were returning back to link from Julito PO namaste from Team India home oh it’s Alicia, and camel, and welcome back to let our theories it’s the fourth day of our layered our trip, and right now we are at Aliso cool.

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So the plan for the day is we are heading towards on way which is again gonna be like 107 kilometers try chocolate cocoa, and this will be going through sham Valley, and we will cover major tourist attractions that come on the way there’s going to be a nice in a beautiful day Sean Barie is very beautiful, and very scenic, and it’s a very adventurous route as well. So yeah let’s go now. But before we get started we have a small request if you are new to this blog, and have not commentd it yet click on the comment button, and then click the bell button next to it to get notified of a future post uploads now let’s begin Algie monastery liquid monastery bascopolous Zanskar, and indus river confluence at nemo village magnitude hills, and Gurudwara patel sahib are some of the major tourist attractions in sham valley that lies within the range of around 68 kilometers from Aleppo post words lay 11 kilometers from Alito’s PO our first stop was the ultimen a stream at saw school village there comes a bridge named algae bridge a left turn from the bridge goes towards algae village the village is laid out in for settlements on the banks of a tributary of the Indus River the monastic complex is separate from the other village settlements Alta monastery is one of the oldest monasteries of Lee, and have monuments, and scriptures stated as old as 10th century a narrow lane towards the monastery hosts a number of shops selling Tibetan handicrafts jewelries artifacts.

And idols of Buddha madruga Lord Krishna, and many other gods, and goddesses a nice place to shop since it’s not very crowded, and has everything one could possibly think of getting as a souvenir the monetary complex has three major shrines that the conch which is an assembly hall the Sun sank, and the temple of manjushri all dating back between the early 12th, and early 13th centuries chortens are also important part of the complex at da Cong or the Assembly Hall monks perform worship, and ceremonies the original wooden door frame is retained, and the Wheel of Life can be seen the something is a three-storied building with the sanctum occupying the ground floor, and the first floor statue of my kriya buddha the largest in size is flagged by the images of other loci peshwa route to his right, and manjushri to its left the images represent the Buddhist concepts of compassion hope, and wisdom a little further down is the temple of manjushri with an idol of Terra inside the sanctum from the backside of the moon as tree one can walk down to the Indus River that flows next to it, and spend some time listening to the gurgling sound of the river, and admire the nature around okay friends. So now we are headed to in liquid monastry at 10 kilometers from Earth, and the main attraction of liquid menagerie is 75 feet Lord put a statue cover this bowl, and we are very excited to see the spectacular view of the Dalton a statue little monastery’s picturesquely set up on a small hill in the valley close to the Indus River the monastery was built like a fort.

So that it offered a sanctuary to local inhabitants during the war Mikal means the Naga encircled the monastery got its name as it is believed to serpent spirits namely at Asko, and nanda guarded it about 120 months reside in the monastery the main attractions of the monastery are its architecture murals Tonga’s stupas, and a 75 feet statue of both are visible from a distance there are a couple of shops, and restaurants at the base of in delicious snacks exactly okay well. So at the base of the lake in one actually that is a really tasty Momo’s, and I think you have to try out them almost they are very fresh, and very tasty, and the weather today is extremely pleasant it’s cloudy three guys, and now we are headed to that food palace it is 21 kilometers long Nicki Minaj 3, and this palace is believed to be approximately 500 years old, and it also houses a ministry – lets go, and find out more about this beautiful palace at the distance of 15 kilometres from wicked monastry lies the ruins of the Basco palace, and Basco monastery the surveyor castle ruins first on a steep hill with beautiful views of the Baskerville age below is a sight to behold we have already uploaded a separate detailed post on vasco palace on this blog you can find the link to the post in the description box we recommend reading this post the entire place holds a mystic charm right from the drive to reaching the top it’s a must visit place, and should not be missed make sure you with the basket balance, and spend some quality time you know admiring the beauty of the beautiful basket village, and the mountains it’s very beautiful. So now we are headed to done skirt in this confluence appointed basically a confluence of two rivers you know in terms from the left, and some square from the right.

So both the reverse we meet at this particular point, and it’s a very popular tourist attraction let’s go now at a distance of 14 kilometers from Vasco palace towards Nimue village comes the famous confluence of two mighty rivers the Indus River coming from Tibbett on the left, and some square river coming from Zanskar Valley on the right the rivers can be easily distinguished from each other the colors of both the rivers are much clearer during the months of March April, and May when the Indus River appears green in color, and the Zanskar River is shiny blue during the month of July the colors are not that prominent. But still one can easily distinguish the rivers both these Himalayan rivers join as the scenic location near the town of Nemo making it a tourist attraction besides enjoying the views from the top one can also drive downhill, and spend some relaxing time along the shores of the conference sanskar River is known for its famous charger trek charger trek is done in peak winters when the Zanskar River freezes, and the people check over it to reach padam village in sanskrit value from Li 8 kilometers down the rows from the confluence point towards leh lies of phenomena that defies gravity it’s none other than the famous magnetic hill on this particular part of the Latian agar highway you would clearly see the road ahead going uphill the local administration has put up a billboard for tourists stating that if a vehicle is placed on a particular spot on the road, and the engine is switched off it would not slide down. But move up, and can go up to a speed of 20 km/h on its own well that’s mysterious what is believed to be at work behind this mysterious phenomena is a magnetic force. So strong that it can pull cards uphill every tourist driver that passes through your would stop the engine to let the tourist experience how the cars still kept moving tempted to experience a phenomena v2 got down from our car, and asked the driver to switch the car to neutral gear, and we were surprised to see the car moving uphill some believe it’s an optical illusion while others think it’s a magnetic force whatever it is it’s an interesting phenomena to observe, and not to be missed.

But whatever it is the space is a must visit to find out yourself the last attraction on the route is the Gurudwara Patel Sahib which is sleep on five kilometers from the magnetic hill towards Lee during the period 1550 to 1518 ad banku nanak was returning back to punjab through she Nagar after traveling to Sikkim Nepal, and tippet he rested at this place the place is revered by both the local lamas, and six sangha correctly the Gurudwara is looked after by the Indian Army hi guys. So we just completed I think all in observation Connie last one was the bucket of booze water, and now we are headed to say that we have took a statement tonight stay tuned reverse more exciting posts are coming up on this blog, and make sure to comment for more travel posts, and thanks for reading all the Shawn Valley attractions mentioned in this post light it in the range of around 68 kilometers from Olay topo2 word sleigh the route has many hidden things to explore this was just a glimpse into it you need to travel, and explore it yourself a drive towards the beautiful sham valley promises to offer beautiful experiences, and should not be missed. So that’s all for this post if you have already uploaded four posts on that dark series links are in the description box you can watch them if you haven’t watched them yet hope you found this post useful give this post a big thumbs up leave us a comment share it with your friends, and comment India grew more for more travel posts we will see you soon in our next post till then take care bye bye you.

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