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1.9 Trail shelter near the shore of Rogers Lake.

2.1 Trail intersection; turn right to return to the trailhead, passing the trail on the left.

2.5 Five-way trail intersection; take the trail marked with a blue diamond immediately on the right.

2.7 Trail intersection completing the circuit of Rogers Lake. Turn left to return to the trailhead.

2.8 Trail intersection; continue straight ahead passing the trail to the left. In a short while, at the next intersection, bear left.

3.6 Bear right passing te trail to the left.

3.7 The trail emerges from the forest.

4.0 Trailhead.

Therefore the exhortation must be generall and perpetuall, withallwayes in Lahore Map Tourist Attractions respect of the love and affection to riches and in regard of the things themselves when any speciall Lahore Map Tourist Attractions service for the churche or perticular Distresse of our brother doe call for the use of them; otherwise it is not only lawfull but necessary to lay upp as Joseph did to have ready uppon such occasions, as the Lord (whose stewards wee are of them) shall call for them from us; Christ gives us an Instance of the first, when hee sent his disciples for the Ass, and bidds them answer the owner thus, the Lord hath need of him: soe when the Tabernacle was to be built, he sends to his people to call for their silver and gold, &c; and yeildes noe other reason but that it was for his worke. When Elisha comes to the widow of Sareptah and findes her preparing to make ready her pittance for herselfe and family, he bids her first provide for him, he challengeth first God’s parte which she must first give before shee must serve her owne family.

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