I am on the top floor of a castle outside of not Wednesday morning June 29th 2018 having our morning coffee, and it is our last morning in Paris we’re about to go jump on a train to our next location we have to take the metro to get there with all our luggage that should be interesting okay now Eric is taking all of our bags down the stairs yeah all three bags into the metro okay now how do you put these two this our train is on time actually the Train is so fast that most of the time it was just a blur next to us I was shocked.


Because, I’m so used to taking the Amtrak, and she’s kind of like moseys down along the bullet train, and it was fast I was shocked. But now we’re not we are just waiting to head to our hotel right yeah we got a little bit of a scuffle we were pulling out, and there’s a taxi guy parked, and we sort of clipped the taxi man’s car just a little bit. So this little, I’m so greasy there you put this back on your pretty face, I’m greasy yeah believe that employee that’s so sweet it’s so weird at the same time scream our host is doing paperwork right now the taxi driver, and he’s not too happy. So hopefully it’s okay. But we’ll have another update soon I have to say though, I’m really excited to be outside of a city in France. Because we’ve never seen the countryside never really seen Paris it would be a good change of pace everything with the accident is okay the exchange paperwork, and no one was too upset, and the damage on the taxi drivers car wasn’t too bad. But all that aside we’re driving to our hotel, and Jessica’s like Oh where’s our hotel, and our host says oh you’re not staying in a hotel you’re staying in a house.

So this is the official not house tour let’s see if anyone’s home Bonjour Oh Bonjour Mademoiselle may I enter no come back later si vous play welcome to our house, and not for the next two days complete with tree, and swing set inside outside inside there’s ash Souter for dress there’s a makeshift tree Oh Jess though there’s an owl this is the other angle from the swing we have our nice table here the flower mural I love this right here the lamp posts for the light this is like one of those outdoor stands inside you know when you walk into the the market I think that’s what that’s supposed to be like let us go up the stairs look how beautiful this is white stairs okay we’ll save this bedroom over here for last then this is a guest bedroom well wonder what this is there’s a book on the bed misery name of the book, and it’s also the name of the place now the best part for last you want to take us in there here we go the round nest bed what is it for Jessica why don’t you tell us why not pornos I did not expect you to say porno I thought you’re gonna say sands down one of the coolest apartments I’ve ever seen in my whole life we’re about to set out you have the keys jess is the official key keeper for this apartment. But we’re about to head out, and see what nan has to offer let’s go we’re doing a little exploring, and check this out look at that house in the middle of the river.

So apparently we just found out that this isn’t a house that was flooded it’s actually an art piece we’ve rented a pair of bikes, and now we’re biking along the river such a nice change of pace from Paris huh y’all go ahead of you just to get out, and you know bike around I miss cycling where did she go little girl we just biked about six miles along the river, and we jumped on the ferry you just take the bike right on the ferry ride on ride right off now we’re on the other side this is a little better explanation of where we are we are on the low waa I may be pronouncing that wrong. But the wah river jess is over here getting ready for the second leg of the bike ride, and that man right there in the green actually rode from Switzerland I news this is by far the coolest thing we’ve done in France yet it’s just the most relaxing it’s such a different side of what we’ve seen. So far I like this type of stuff you know oh yeah this is something about you you come here you don’t thank you you know like you know museums no tourist attractions. But you don’t think you know I cried in the countryside how much more like romantic, and friends did it get tonight I know we started over here Anant, and we biked up to lay Pellerin, and we’re a bit lost right now trying to find our way you think we went the wrong way okay yeah I think you’re right yeah we’re going away from the river alright let’s backtrack see this is the confusing part the circles. So do we go this way this way excuse-moi or parlez-vous anglais these new Pella no say perfect like this sizable mr.

buffoon all right hey Jessica this is the town we’re supposed to be in okay. So we’re very lost now I just asked for directions in the pharmacy do you have any lost whisper also I think it’s really funny that there’s a a condom dispenser on the outside of the farm I didn’t even see that Sebastiaan almost a little bit lost we found the bike rental van we are dropping off the bikes that was fun though getting lost can sometimes be the best thing I am on the top floor of a castle outside of not on the way back to where we’re staying we stopped by this castle. Because it is one of the things that the town is actually known for, and they have all these rooms that you can stay in like our existing earlier, and it’s created by six different artist couples which i think is amazing, and it’s their own interpretation of nighttime, and the night and. So each of these roofs very interesting to see how the different people you know chose to interpret night, and how it was for them the woman who actually did the apartment we’re staying in is redoing this castle with the rooms that you can actually come, and rent out well what it was is it was a castle, and then it burnt down or. So yeah it burnt down, and then they rebuilt it we’re in the master bedroom of the castle, and we just got done our tour of the castle, and apparently they know this is the master bedroom. Because of this door right here it’s like a secret passageway you want to explain what the doors for. So you have the main door there, and then this would be you know where the bed was back here, and then you had this bigger passage door here where the girls who are in here in the master bedroom who are not supposed to be in the master bedroom could leave the castle through the back way.

So that nobody would be found out as soon as yeah very good like built into your house scandalous like cheating it designed into your castle think about that it’s wild well York’s is you’re just as excited when you heard that your face look like well no. Because I mean. So there’s so much of that energy in here I can feel it this is the kitchen of the castle, and look at this huge Jessica sighs that fireplace we jumped on the ferry across the river back at the apartment, and we’re about to head out to get some dinner, and look at this turn the lights, and the branches of our tree light up, and then they turn off let’s go let’s do it this is more or less the town center of Nantes look how pretty this is it’s just a big open square there’s a water fountain, and then right here that’s the restaurant we just had our dinner, and on is basically the Philadelphia of France I take the credit for that. Because I said that, I’m gonna give you the credit you’re so spot on here take a look at this it literally it’s like the French first I guess a prison version. But it’s a French version of Philly I mean it’s so scenic yeah my stomach hurts a little bit as well I think it might have been from lunch cuz Jessica had this uh what was it called again we’re gonna walk home take a bit relax hopefully to feel a little better we are back at the apartment now, and both of us are having some stomach issues after the meal today maybe it was lunch cuz I just I just bad things happened that’s all, I’m gonna say this was probably the best day of the trip just the most relaxing carefree if you guys liked today’s post give it a thumbs up I loved today it was great, and we’ll see you guys tomorrow from not. So until tomorrow everyone smell more worry less live your passion.

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