Living in A Shed In Joburg

Hey everybody, and welcome to Cape Town South Africa we aren’t going to be here for long. Because we are heading to the airport, and we are pretty much shopping on a quick flight up to Joburg to continue seen small projects by cool Airbnb I would be surprised if you guys are wondering why are we flying back to Joburg when one in Georgia for this house schedule with all the different projects we actually returning Cape Town we’re like Jovic to make time to Joe voltage or okay this is a bit everywhere at the moment. But that’s fine luckily. So that. Because quite small. So it’s like – our flights one a half life it’s pretty good thank you we’re back in Johannesburg for such a quick flight nice we spend so much time at his airport I feel like I know it aha like how can I just know we’re nowhere that will it is with the good coffees I know it would like watch the walk in things like if you’re just getting picked up by one of the volunteer organizations risk going to a hostel in the city, and they’re spending the night I don’t know if we have anything planned today.

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So we need a we need to see some of the otherwise you’re gonna go to. So wet to tomorrow which I don’t ya know that’s gonna be fun me either let me going to a place called hottest hottest be is box just be a sport damn sorry can that’s where the young volunteer project is when we’re working with animals we do my favorite no, I’m so excited I really heard they have some elephants oh yes exciting is like too dangerous animals like the lines Machida’s I get excited as though I like that you’re our knowledge of the elephants, and the Cypress also excited we’ve just checked in to our little hostile when it’s waiting for it to be ready. So we thought we’ll call Brendan to see if he wants to hang out hopefully he’s free remember him last time remember the last time guys remember him like a couple of logs ago. So we’re not too sure to do is ringing, I’m loving you he. So I Steven tries to get in contact with Brendan I thought I would show you our room. So we’re just staying in this little little like wooden hut for the night, and here’s our bets that’s it, and then in the morning we are heading to Z Broder did he get contact with brand branded I want to go do something dinner in it I can’t see her. But I fall in the pool welcome this is a cute girl over mm-hmm well said, and I see was like are we staying in a garden shed yeah it’s cool boy I love.

But I think about electricity it’s out I think someone tripped something okay it looks like it’s going to storm tonight by the way strain ease is like you stinking up the place I am just being on flying emember that time I said I heard best soldier oz an elephant we sold a true nope no oh I got a bit lost the nerd was the shed at the back of the house guys Brendan never picked up the phone never picked up the phone, and he’s missing out on the pizza party he’s shared, and Peter party yes it is currently five o’clock it looks like there’s a storm rolling in and, I’m like Steve when, I’m going out in the storm we kind of wanted out saw some dog pizza party in the shed we’re doing watches this just. So you know Brendan you missed out on the pizza the pizza party guys this sounds about to set a thunder storm is rolling in, and we have no power electricity nothing since like what was it like we tweet we looked at Twitter to see what was going on. Because like why do we have no electricity we saw that like from 5:00 a.m. this morning the powers been out and, I’m my own Norris. So it’s like something to go down soon a big thunderstorm is coming, and we have no power, and also I don’t even know like what my phone has like 20% battery both our laptops are dead we can’t even do any work, and what’s your phone on 40% what do people do with Vala Linda does eventually we’re like we don’t know what to do we haven’t bought books without. So anything, I’m like Stephen what is connector like tell each other stories or something it’s boring you know what would have fix his situation pizza no area Pizza that didn’t fix the situation leftover pizza no I know we have leftover pizza no there was one thing that would solve this situation chocolate cake no if Brendan picked up his phone oh my goodness if he mentioned Brendan’s name one more time in this shed a storms about to happen literally a storm is about to happen hello darkness my old friend Steve we have 10% until we have no more of anything.

So in a half the end of log otherwise you just gonna see darkness hello darkness my old friend I’ve got some lighting going on here thank you. But to the left that’s my good side yeah it’s right it’s a rave it’s where it’s room 3 oh god we ran out it is stormy outside we’re in the middle of trans burg, and we have electricity we have no electricity. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do comment of the day what’s the comment of the day Jess it is from someone called the H brothers, and they say I don’t believe it Steve you, and I grew up in the same area, and went to the same school that we’ve never met that is crazy that’s so cool if it wasn’t for like , and just this whole internet thing this fandangled internet thing which clearly doesn’t work in our shed have we never like had this internet with this thing when I wouldn’t never connected do you still live in Berkeley like you still go to Berkeley High primary school you moved on what year did you go to Berkeley. So many questions was Miss strick the principal when you were at Berkeley let me know below. But thanks so much guys I hope you enjoyed this this little shed post, I’m gonna call off the chef literally, and we need a call this were like okay we’ve got different a Dana shared Brandon didn’t answer his phone storm sheds, and Joburg we’re just gonna have to have just like this is us brain stolen the Vols bar is a big explorer of Joburg yeah we’re gonna go see some cool places, and then we’re gonna head to the project go see some animals in the evenings. So that should be awesome. But thanks so much for reading guys we will see you oops instant’s tomorrow night Oh tapas my old friend.

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