Ljubljana Europes Most Underrated City Slovenia

Guys welcome to the border of our 52nd country, I’m so excited to be here this is such a huge bucket list item that we’re about to see Hey everybody welcome back to Ljubljana you look. So extra wait I have to show you guys I don’t Steve it is currently postging on we got a new toy that we’re testing out for like a review for you guys guys we got a what is it called a stabilizer look at this bad boy.

Ljubljana Europes Most Underrated City Slovenia Photo Gallery

So when you’re reading this post there will already be a post out from today of us testing this up ok no now you look extra all righty guys. So today we are finally going to see Ljubljana. Because we’ve been here for two days, and we have yet to barely explore this city yet. So we’re currently in a park around front of our hotel, and we’re gonna go down to the water racking first. But the buildings here are so beautiful yeah look at this guy’s that’s just I mean what is that like another palace why aren’t we saying the palace yes you go for a bit of an explore that’s where we had like our coffee the other day it’s quite beautiful having this little motor around the castle, and we do have plans to hike up to the castle. But I did have pancakes for breakfast. So I don’t know how well that is gonna sit on the side okay we just threw in the last two hours posting that post it was super fun I hope you guys did check it out what it wasn’t well hey Matt it is freezing this is the coldest has ever been.

So before we go exploring we need you just defrost get a coffee in us to come out to the petite need you to look petite you not is very cute it’s pretty small this is super cute guys we’re just looking at the menu, and we’re thinking to come back here for lunch. But just look at this restaurant like it’s really quickly the roof it like looks like it’s falling to pieces I just wanna hold my coffee to warm up my fingers yeah yes guys I think, I’m loving the Polaroid of the good little present oh yeah what to show you on the very last day yeah yeah we’re coming back for lunch oh my gosh it’s so cold let’s climb Makar. So when we say climb it’s a few minutes drone movie is actually super cheap that was 3 euros for both of us to guard for coffee, and even though it’s on the Euro. So that what translates to about four dollars four bucks to go to a cafe a really cool cafe in Australia it’s like 450 for one coffee also we’re going back there for lunch. Because they have vegetarian like sandwiches with zucchini, and eggplant, and stuff for three euros just found something, I’m so sorry music that’s cool what is it I think it’s a music store. So you can like play learn the music okay guys this is the last time I say this. But while this is such an underrated City I hate to compare cities.

But I think this is more beautiful than Vienna like just the way it’s set up with these buildings with the motor, and the castle it was very different to Vienna yanari this actually kind of reminds me of Amsterdam okay we better do our exercise gone up to the castle Wow you know it still hurts little bit. But not that much cuz if you want somebody else Who am I to judge I’ve been thinking about you all the time that’s alright, I’m starting to get used to it I think, I’ll survive I met you in when life gives you lemons trade them for coffee yes sorry lemon couldn’t agree more. But we told everyone where we’re going right now guys we just made it to LA buns look look Lang see loo bleona leblanc see grad, I’m trying to pronounce it huh ljubljana castle is like look blanks key or something how would you pronounce it blue blue angsty grande. But had this very cute this looks like yeah I think there’s a nice viewpoint up there in the clock tower look down Bobby it’s so tall wow what an incredible view oh my goodness that’s cool yeah I didn’t expect that there’s a lot of glass windows on the way in it’s kind of a cool castle really digging these days we visited having like the castles, and the capes on these little mountains it looks over the town oh yeah. So that’s like the main bridge I mean that’s the main area where the three bridges are, and in the markets are just there I know some of you are probably thinking like why do we come up to the castle pay the entrance fee when I flew the drone, and got just like as incredible views. But I didn’t come to travel to look at my drone screen I came here to experience it myself, and to be honest when you actually this close up here this is the best view of Ljubljana like you can really see everything it’s kind of cool hard as the orange roof tops like Croatia I think have like some snow just sprinkled on top of that it’s really nice also not. So cold up yeah I feel like being near the river really makes it cold like if you go to explore a city like Amsterdam in the winter, I’m sure it is so cold there. So the trail just enter here, and I suppose begins here depending on which way you walk. But we can’t a central screw, and they got some market set up they say it’s like literally farm-to-table here. So every day the farmers come bring all their produce when people buy them, and just take them home it’s very fresh look at this if you were to get your veggies from yeah I mean this is very cool well the apples look. So amazing yeah stuff looks better than our supermarkets back home I see yeah they just dried their van into the story set this up you just buy what you want okay I think we found the coolest thing at this market straight to the TIA yeah there’s like barrels in there we should get something that is so cool you know you need to heat it up oh yeah. So also right next to the milk we found a vending machine fools like yoga, and juices, and cheeses.

So we’re gonna go through some of your yeah Barry trusts us to get like excited over like a farm-to-table vending machine when there’s this insane market place’s yeah. But this is still very cool like the farmers have just pretty much just filled these up, and they put them in here that’s kind of cause like the farmers have just done this, and your kness set up this cool-looking way cold yogurt oh it smells good is it thick mm-hmm listen granola I think this is gonna be one of the coolest local markets we’ve been to just. Because there are actually no tourists here everyone says can we pick up their fresh produce for the week rather than going to the supermarkets that is coming out which is really cool Wow. So right next to the markets is the famous world-renowned Dragon Bridge on the 1900s Luke Liang is actually known for their bridges. So right next to the dragon bridge is the love lock bridge which is adjacent to the triple bridge yes yes a cross down there is the famous triple bridge which is three bridges next to each other sorry that’s a grand total of five bridges, and here our favorite bridges this is called the triple bridge of the three bridge miss made of the three bridges there’s one here, and then there’s one over there, and one over there. But I love it so much. Because it it’s not only beautiful.

But it’s also kind of in like the square of ljubljana. So you’ve got really beautiful buildings, and that concludes the bridge tours oh this is just regretting her choice of having every welcome to my life cue my Instagram. But it does look cute why aren’t you when you pop up often. So fat okay guys we’re back we had two confessional retake this time in no time we got do something super basic choice of sandwiches. But it’s so cold out there we just want to be warm, I’ll show you a few learn about to reveal something Bob’s it’s the second last stop this is going too quick guys this is cool get to live out our Harry Potter like fantasies what this we have a little cabin even with a doll was expecting this lush very lush alright spend a half hours, and we will be in Croatia yeah we didn’t get to go to segrete last time we were on our yacht sailing – oh if you guys didn’t see that series, I’ll link it below. So I hope you enjoyed our Slovenia series it was so much fun. So many bucket lazar as we checked off.

So if you are new around here make sure you hit comment. Because I start a brand new series in Croatia tomorrow bye bye guys the newspapers are calling it the beast from still does the beast from the east of based for me it’s freezing weather front sweeping in from Russia this be deadly Siberian ice storm dream snow temperatures lower than the Arctic.

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