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0.0 Both the 3.3 and 6.6 mile hikes begin at the swinging bridge behind the park headquarters. After crossing the bridge, turn left onto the River Trail.

0.2 Trail intersection; continue straight ahead on the trail along the river, passing the trail to the right.

0.6 The trail bears away from the river and comes to a trail intersection. Turn left here onto the Silver Creek Trail.

1.1 The trail bears away from the river.

1.4 Trail shelter overlooking Silver Creek (46° 38′ 42.7″ N 92° 21 7.8″ W).

1.8 Trail intersection; turn left here for the 6.6 mile hike; go right for the 3.3 mile hike.

1521 In May, Cort©z completes the conquest of the Aztec Madison Metro Map Empire when the Spanish (along with native allies, who also desire an end to Aztec rule Madison Metro Map ) defeat the Aztec in a climactic battle in Tenochtitln.

The Spanish conquistadores will become encomenderos, and the Aztec will suffer significant depopulation, not only from the violence of conquest, but also from the diseases brought by the Spanish. Mexico becomes the center of the viceroyalty of New Spain, which becomes the base for further Spanish expansion and colonization in the area that is today the United States.

Ponce de Le³n returns to Florida with the intention of constructing a fort to serve as a base for expeditions into the Florida interior. Once again, the Caloosa attack the expedition, seriously wounding Ponce de Le³n in the process; he dies a few days later in Cuba.

15271528 Panfilo Narvez, who earlier had conquered Cuba, receives royal permission to claim the lands previously explored by Ponce de Le³n. He launches an expedition to West Florida, but four of its five ships are either destroyed by storm or are forced to turn back to Cuba. Undaunted, Narvez lands north of Caloosa territory, where he and his men encounter the Timucua. To avoid conflict with the encroaching Spanish, the Timucua direct Narvez and his men northward into Apalachee lands.

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