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Hey Hey guys hey I am pleasing parents, and going to Griffin my next city in Australia, and this is the Cole I met her in my hostel from woods event took an uber together with another girl that we met, and it ended up being like public rebuilder Johnson handles the shuttles like $20 per person if you want to do that. So, and now we’re waiting for our flight getting off the plane now suami movie on a lot yeah just got to Brisbane sound a third rider in the uber which helps to make it even cheaper, and look we are two girls this is, and you know I travel light up my name, and look at this one what’s going on no mine mine he’s an Italian chef though yeah like all his plays, and Pitt signs yeah. So my consciousness that’s what’s in there yeah well Hey guys from Brisbane it’s my first morning here absolutely nothing is open yet first thing, I’m noticing right now I’ve literally only been out for like five minutes is the weather oh my gosh it is so much nicer than Cairns Cairns was so hot, and humid, I’m sure it’ll get hotter here later in the day.

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But the air is just. So nice, and dry I feel like I can breathe again though let’s see what I fight today the streets here are quite pretty the building our modern style not this elevator that kind of in the middle of 3q a city Danny found another view of the gagarin over here is a bridge across the river, and I think some more awesome views of the skyline there. So that’s where, I’m going to head now you sir loving this area brisbane open-air cafes, and stuff like that like semi indoor/outdoor trying not to get more coffee. Because already have so much say love to coffee here in Australia, and I think times have enjoyed the Botanical Gardens. But, I’m not sure we grind, and run to a ghost town, and Sunday oh my gosh this fish is huge it can feel I found the Botanical Gardens found this pond full of lilies getting some really awesome shop hear me open, and guessing for the answers no please faithful beta I gots listen awesome shot of that eel he like looked right at me right at the camera you know I’ve come to some sort of garden with all of these flowers around me you ah finally right there to the girl I’ve always wanted to see what I’ve never seen one he’s so cute Wow you these would be the perfect trees for climbing left walking around the Botanical Gardens it was a great interlude to walking around the more busy areas Brisbane really peaceful nice lush, and green in here going to head back now me, and Gibson Foley like strike no please faithful beta Oh geniuses need some free coffee yeah. So basically we’re from Holiday Express, and we’re giving free coffee, and breakfast and, I’ll get some now you get. So hey guys thank you every coffee I was actually just walking around trying to buy one, and then I got offered one for free thought about how it goes apparently through the three summers going on in a house shopping I like never do when, I’m using new clothes thank you guys for reading my adventures in Brisbane, and I do have some more coming up, I’m going to in the next post be exploring a koala park, and going to hug some koalas another Australian animals I doubt you want to see that like who wants to be koala hugs right.

But maybe you could take the time to watch also in Australia I have a lot lot more adventures coming or location escaping cyclones that was last night. So yeah thanks for reading see you in the next post bye.

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