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Come on in everyone honey we are leaving Prague, and walk to Berlin yes are we gonna meet all down stairs jump on the bus five hours that’s right through Berlin yeah. So should be good it’s got no skin some last looks of this beautiful city quickly grabbing some water for the posterize, and yeah it’s already something get busy. So they’ve got three buses to get everyone on I think we’re lost, and now there’s not much left to do except everything the last dance fades out of existence last chance at playing the victim I wonder whose world this is some time to the treatments I think you guys we we are I don’t know where are we are we in Germany for two hours out of Berlin Oh German up there Oh Bruce truck-drivin yeah yeah then yes we’re in Germany we are so in a 45 minute stop here, and we found Mac in.

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So sorry to stop over oh yeah, and this in the cafes can get a copy which will be better than petrol station head up the station coffee. So 45 minutes. So that means we’re probably three hours out of them yeah I know it’s another thing only in Australia they do that yeah. But, I’m sure there is some room yeah coffee break Cheers all righty all refueled, and now we’ll jump back in the bus, and next time we’ll see quick fun fact the German toilets are really cool. So I have a desire to sit up off the toilet this whole seat spins, and this thing goes down, and I’ve wiped the whole seat to clean it yeah then it gives you like a little green orange or red on how hygienic the seat is really, I’ll see that yeah I said it’s okay oh my was red red are you quick quick quick quick quick find someplace that we don’t know miyamoto. Because you know. Because you know never is, and evil never sleeps no matter the place there’s always room the last dance mates fixative stance alrighty guys ago Thomas fell in Berlin we just put our heat off, and went you know.

But the lines really lost the elevator, and the Bavarian school summer Vale, and this afternoon. Because we leave tomorrow at midnight. So we only really have like a day off to see building to see how quickly we see as much as we can yeah. So playing it staying at a place called generator apparently it’s like a chain of hostiles, and it looks quite nice it’s like a chill area, and breakfast outside we freshened up, and we’re off to see a German flea market which I said was very popular. So yes it’s currently around 4:30. So I think we’re not gonna have much sunlight today. So I fingers crossed the summer then go down to early can you tell me what that is cuz I have no idea I’ve never even seen it before help us okay guys looks like we got to a center point of Berlin there seems to be like a lot of major shopping malls here, and also there are some flea markets I think which we’re gonna go check out.

But yeah we’re not just gonna be walking around, and seeing what there is to see how you go stop find some dinner the sun’s gonna go down pretty soon we’ll see what we can see, and then tomorrow I promise we’ll show you as much as thoroughly as we can like a walking grill you know like that whole grill just in front of ya I mean, I’m sure they’ll kill you back. But I suppose I can just walk around and, I’ll be like. So close to Baja eat the whole time let’s try to find some free Wi-Fi. So we can kind of find out what to do we didn’t really do our research on building, and ice we kind of thought we were here for two days not the one day. So that we had time to just find things to do. But at least tonight we’re gonna do a google playing an itinerary for tomorrow, and have like a giant day in Berlin tomorrow yeah it’s gonna have to be now to be like our one day in London, I’m gonna look up tonight and, I’ll be out to a guide tomorrow show us around that the bus, I’ll be the shopping center. But this little mini flea markets.

But I don’t see any flea market maybe we’ll try find somewhere to grab some dinner, and then maybe make our way back. Because it’s only quarter to five yeah, and the sun’s going down like I feel like it’s later I want you sure we should go do some research too, and the my face already all right no sorry. Because they’ve been fine McDonald’s Starbucks, and Apple Store that was a genius Indian store Freddie Mercury if I felt like Indian food I would give them all my money. But I don’t all right after a bit of a search we found a grocery store, and everything’s in German force. But, I’m we’re gonna see if we can grab something to eat, and then I guess we can make our way back to hostel, and then Google what we should do not too short to do. So the same price as a pizza we got a ton of food when we see for like salads, and fruits, and yogurts, and drinks, and some German chocolate you got hazelnut flavor I do it look good we are now walking back to a hostel it it’s like 10:00 to 6:00, and it is sorry dark pitch black ha ha. So weird here, and then I guess we’ll have a little Google, and see what we should get up to tomorrow there is a girl for Rachel who is an expert here in Berlin from Australia, and when she said we’re going to Berlin she contacted us, and asked us if we want to hang out well like yes it’ll be awesome.

So gonna meet up with her tomorrow to be cool they were gonna go for coffee or something now hotel room, and we’ve got a little picnic cake a little salad, and banana, and yogurts, and little cheeky chocolate, and there Steven mmm chill sesh did we show them the room there’s like hey, I’m two bunk beds here. So that Stevens Claire is mine, and then we’re sharing it with two other people there, and there. But we just have a little people shower, and toilet which clear is in right now PS this gonna have a little picnic German chocolate, and I opened it up, and I realized they’re um focused their chocolate pieces are like an already separated Steve you know usually we have a bars well the Germans make convenient try it what’s a call um it’s called you know. So sure gettin L personable a millage has little most Milch no me me yep what do you think state what is what do you think clear you know what to do Oh YUM good goodbye Jimmy alrighty guys everyone’s gone to sleep. So, I’m just come outside quickly in the post. But yes we’re in building for a full day tomorrow. So we’re gonna get up nice, and early we’re going to go see all the buildings are we’re gonna go to a shop with Rachel tomorrow morning, and then we can have a coffee it gets mighty isn’t where we’re gonna go in Berlin, and then we’re going to go, and see it all.

So yeah thanks for reading, and I probably walked up, and down this corridors enough, I’m gonna go to bed. But thanks guys, and we’ll see you in Berlin Tora.

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