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Why the free camp and not the canyon itself? Well, I assume that if you make it this far, you won’t miss out on the canyon, and you should not, but this free camp is sure to offer some of the best views in this country. And you can sleep here for free!
The secret spot is called Ginty’s Lookout or the Jump Up for locals. Bring your own firewood and be prepared to arrive early to secure a spot in this increasingly popular spot.

Map Of Kings Canyon California

Be aware there are absolutely no facilities here (so it can get nasty when people don’t sort out their waste properly) and camping is permitted for only 24 hours. Local dingoes are smart around here and they know the spot is a reliable food source, so be on watch.

Map Of Kings Canyon Sequoia

Travelling towards Kings Canyon a large rock on the left will pre-warn you a few kilometres out and as you travel away from the canyon, it’s almost immediately on your right once you ascend the Jump Up.

Sit back enjoy the open skies and vast views and possibly a road train will weave its way down the Jump Up and into the distance.

Map Of Kings Canyon Campgrounds

Kings Canyon embodies the NT experience perfectly. You will experience the bitter sweetness of touring – for every place you see there will be another three that will haunt you, calling you to come back. 4WD

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Map Of Kings Canyon Australia

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