Map of Santa Monica to Venice Beach

Electric Bicycle Tour of Santa Monica and Venice Beach

L.A. is massive. So, what better way to see L.A. than on a bike? And today, we’re doing a private tour on an electric bike so we can cover even more ground. So, what do people like the most about these tours? First of all, you can cover a lot of territory and it’s so easy just to not have to pedal, not have to work hard. No pedaling. So, we’re cruising down the Santa Monica bike path.

So much activity happening, there’s volleyball players, there’s people working out, biking, running, taking in the scenery.

Map of Santa Monica to Venice Beach Photo Gallery

It’s actually really nice to take in the fresh air. One of the highlights of Santa Monica is of course the Santa Monica Pier. There’s lots of rides, they have Ferris wheels, rollercoasters, all that kind of thing, and of course the perfect picture opportunity. Wow, there’s some really cool houses along here on the beach front. The best way to see them is from the bike path. These houses will only set you back small eight mil. So, we stopped off at the iconic Venice Beach. There’s artists lined up here along the strip, there’s music playing, there’s street vendors, and of course, the famous Muscle Beach. Through the tunnel.

So, this bike tour was so much fun. We went all the way through Santa Monica, we saw the Santa Monica Pier. Then we drove down to Venice Beach, we saw Muscle Beach, the skate park, the whole entire experience was so much fun.

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