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The Fire Museum of Maryland- This Lutherville, Maryland museum features over three dozen antique fire engines. Exhibits allow visitors to learn about historic fires and the lives of firefighters. Special children’s tours give kids hands-on interaction with fire fighting equipment.

Although the Docklands development will achieve a high density under the existing approach, policies need to focus more on the mix of uses, a human-scale urban form, and equity through greater participation of diverse groups in the decision-making process.

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With recent governance changes, these issues are being addressed, and Docklands has the potential to become an example of a connected place in the future.

Mono-use Zones: Curtin University Campus.

Many university campuses were originally conceived as mono-use areas peripheral to the city, but now they find themselves within the inner-city core as a result of city expansion.

How can such destinations be transformed into connected places.

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