Massachusetts Metro Map

Massachusetts Metro Map


98 miles in Massachusetts (117 miles total). This scenic trail begins in Connecticut, heads north through west-central Massachusetts, and ends on Mount Mo-nadnock in New Hampshire.

At times the trail runs along low ridges and traverses small mountain ranges, with fine views along the way. There are many ups and downs, and the route is sometimes rocky and steep.

Difficulty varies from easy to strenuous. Although it passes through a number of state parks and forests, substantial portions of the trail are on private lands.

Camping Regulations: Camping along the trail is restricted to four shelters and several other established campsites. No permits are necessary.

For Further Information: Trails Program, Department of Environmental Management, 225 Friend Street, Boston, MA 02114; (617)727-3160. A small guide to the trail is published by the Berkshire Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club, P.O. Box 369, Amherst, MA 01004.

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