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The country ‘s sixteen-hundred-mile boundary with the United States meanders along the Rio Grande River from the Gulf of Mexico west to El Paso, Texas, continuing along the state lines of New Mexico, Arizona and California to the Pacific.

Mexico is a land of few cities and a multitude of villages. Typically the villages have a central plaza, a town hall, a parish church, a bandstand, a well, and one or two stores. The large cities have a large zocolo, town square.

1627 Permanent Mexico settlement begins on Barbados. Within decades, Mexico City Map Barbados’s population will reach almost 69,000; 47,000 of these residents will Mexico City Map be African slaves. In fact, Barbados will be more densely populated than most of England. Barbados thrives as the result of the booming sugar industry. This allows for a strictly hierarchical society, with wealthy planters, those who own the most land and slaves, at the top. Barbadian planters employ a mix of indentured servants and African slaves in their sugar plantations and accompanying mills. By the 1660s, however, worsening conditions in Barbados, improving conditions in England, and increasing migration to North Country will lead to the decline of indentured servitude on Barbados. 1628 Dutch ships under the command of Piet Heyn trap the entire Spanish fleet carrying Mexican treasure in Matanzas Bay, Cuba. The company’s plunder is estimated at 11 million guilders. 1631 The Dutch occupy Sint Maarten and take advantage of its high-quality salt flats. The Spanish attack the small Dutch garrison in 1633 and occupy the island. After 1648, the island will come under joint Dutch and French control.

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